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The Loveliest Las Vegas Wedding Reception

If you are actually planning your Las Vegas wedding reception, you're already a step ahead of a lot of people who get married in Vegas! All kidding aside - this is certainly a momentous occasion, and for your wedding reception Las Vegas has the expertise to make it perfect.

In Las Vegas, wedding receptions of all flavors are a very familiar request, so most hotels have full-time staff dedicated to helping people like you plan and prepare for the event. Moreover, Las Vegas boasts some of the most ornate hotels of any place in the world. Large banquet halls are easily decorated to suit any theme, and certain amenities (like slot machines) are simply not available in most other cities.

Be very careful not to get charged a premium rate for mediocre service. The person you deal with to book your wedding reception site could easily assume you've just hit a million-dollar jackpot and start the price negotions from there. With so much competition between premium hosts, there is no need to settle for anything less than the best value.

If you would rather not confine your gathering to an indoor reception hall, there are a select few outdoor sites suitable for staging a Las Vegas wedding reception. The Grove in North Las Vegas and The Las Vegas Racquet Club's Secret Garden on the south end of the strip both offer all-inclusive packages to host your wedding ceremony and reception on their scenic expanses of gardened lawn. And for convenient after-party fun, they are just a few minutes from all the action of the main strip.

Not everybody will be able to attend your Las Vegas wedding reception, but they can still be there in spirit! Something that has become very easy in recent years is to set up web cams to broadcast the wedding ceremony and reception over the Internet. It really is worth considering, because you can save thousands of dollars if enough of your more "distant" friends and relatives can settle for viewing your virtual wedding online. Isn't technology great? Some hosts are more tech-savvy than others, so be sure to inquire about this service before assuming it can be provided as part of the package.

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