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Celtic Diamond Rings - A Combination of History And Romance

The symbolism of Celtic Diamond Rings is relevant to all cultures. Love and friendship intertwined in the Celtic symbols on the ring have relevance to every couple contemplating marriage. The ancient Celts used the symbols of the Claddagh to show that marriage is a partnership where love prevails throughout any hardship. The Celtic Daimond Rings are well-known for the symbol of a heart with two crowns, both cradled by linked hands.

You don't have to be engaged to be married to wear diamond and emerald claddagh rings. The way you wear the ring signifies whether or not you are romantically attached. For unmarried girls, wearing the rings with the heart facing outward means that you are free, while wearing the heart inwards on the claddagh ring sends a message that you are not free for a romantic fling.

You can choose a variety of stones for your Claddagh ring. All types of this ring have a stone, usually a diamond, an emerald or a ruby, but any precious gemstone can be included. In the heart Claddagh, the ring itself is heart shaped and as Celtic Diamond Rings this makes the perfect engagement ring because of its unique style. Having a pearl in the ring evokes a mystical quality, but you can also have it surrounded by tiny diamonds for the ultimate piece of jewellery. Diamond and emerald Claddagh rings make really great gifts for any occasion and are a delight for those that receive them.

Knots are extremely popular in Celtic rings. The lover's knot consists of a series of designs that are interwoven into a continuous loop to symbolize the eternity of love. Different strands of the knot represent the different directions that individual lives tend to take during a romance or marriage, all leading back to the core of the relationship. These knots also represent one's Irish heritage and the ancient symbolism of the Celtic traditions.

The Celtic ring itself has an interesting history. The designer, Richard Joyce, was sold into slavery in Algeria. After his escape he made his way back to Ireland and his sweetheart. During captivity, he learned the art of making rings and he designed the Claddagh as a symbol of his undying love for his bride-to-be.

Instead or meaning that marriage was a bondage, the Celtic rings means marriage and love represent freedom.

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