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Marriage A Menace

Apparently for a person to get married is like burning the candle at both ends. No one can say that what particularly is the meticulous age to get married but people in our society have set age limits for a person to get married and it has now become a common tendency that if a person crosses a certain limit he or she has to die in harness.The milieu are society has erected is bringing about such a sense of escape among our youth from getting married. Though I am not a married person but I ask any married couple that who is happy to get wed. All my acquaintances recall the time before they were married as they had more time and more opportunities. This is not a contradiction about marriage but nowadays when the world has become a global village, a single woman or a man is always targeted. Why is that so?

Woman nowadays want to work shoulder to shoulder with man because they spent almost more than half a decade in their studies and want to accomplish something apart from standing being pregnant and standing bare-footed in the kitchen. There is no house now where husband is the only bread runner of the family because in such age if inflation a wife has to work.

Those good olden days are gone where a girl use to think of a prince riding on a horse and taking her away because such mechanization is modifying the outlook of many people about when to get married and who to get married with. Both man and woman spent decades to become something even a doctor or an engineer requires specialization and that obviously takes time one cannot deem of settling down very early nowadays except for those who are born with a golden spoon in their mouth. In the current scenario if a person gets married late than it should not be considered as a sinful deed but living in an educated and civilized society we should endeavor to amend our perceptions about marriage. As it is a bond made by God and that particular time is also set by Him so when God has to every thing who has given us the right to look down upon those who are deprived of this bond.

Mother's often undergo serious depression when they have three or four daughters' unwed sitting at home and keep in touch with the influential ladies to plead for proposals. In fact all of those influential women have nothing to do except making fun of those innocent girls. Mother's are not even contended when all the daughters are married so it is quite the same case with girls, before being married girl's regret of not being married and after being wed they regret that they were better before. If a person has to live in such a perplexed and indecisive state of mind than why get married is not it better to be a single than to regret.

This is not a problem to the solution one has to find a peace of mind with a partner and this is not an effortless chore as one has to work hard to live a dignified life in today's society. It's high time that we should all clear our perception with open mindedness that a person getting married at not a particular age limit is not a sin because such trifle changes in our opinions can make an enormous difference.

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