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Why You Should Buy that Wedding Gift from the Gift Registry - OR, the Wedding Gifts from Hell!

When you come to choose a wedding gift it's no wonder that marrying couples issue a wedding gift registry. It's how to get exactly what you want; here are some true-life stories of the worst wedding gifts ever.

A person was attending their cousins wedding and had not got around to buying a present, so she stopped at a drug store on the way to the wedding and bought some shower gel and deodorant. To finish it off she wrapped the gift up in a plastic bag! Needless to say she was horrified the following morning when all the family sat round and watched the bride and groom open up their presents.

Lesson Learned

Plan ahead; buy the gift at least one month before the wedding. Never leave it to the last minute.

How about the wedding where the mother of the bride gave the happy couples an IOU. Seriously! The mother found herself short of funds as the wedding neared and thought that an IOU (on a blue post it note) would be just the thing. Needless to say six months later the mother of the bride had not even made good on her IOU, I can feel another lesson coming here...

Lesson Learned

Plan ahead, budget for your gift well in advance. Not getting the Bride and Groom a gift can be the sort of event that remains with them for a long time.

There was another occasion where the brother in law of the Groom brought a tin of paint for the happy couple. First of all a tin of paint! Now it happened that the Bride and Groom needed some paint as they had moved into a new house. However, the Bride was not keen at all on the colour and after some 'interesting discussions' the brother in law agreed to return the paint and provide a gift certificate instead. You guessed it - the gift certificate never arrived. And the lesson is

Lesson Learned

It is definitely not advisable to get a gift for a wedding where you could be risking a clash with personal taste.

My advice - stick to the Gift Registry.

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