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Low Budget Wedding Reception

The reception alone will bust your wedding budget if you're notcareful. Of course, the most obvious way to save money on thereception is to keep it small. Where you host this grandoccasion could make or break you.

Your low budget wedding remedy? Find a reception locationthat's free or low cost.

A free location may include, your home, or a friend or familymember's home. A low cost option might include the Churchreception hall, the local fire department's reception room, andclub hall rentals. Most will have a kitchen area for preparingand serving food.

Sometimes you will even find a local restaurant thatspecializes in low budget wedding receptions. These will likelyoffer a package for the reception which may include dinner andlimited beverage with the rental of restaurant space or banquetrooms. Check hotels in your area for banquet rooms as well. Somemay rent the banquet room alone and/or offer reception packagesas an option.

Leave no stone unturned in your search! You may happen upon agem of a deal that will save you alot of money. Ask around. Getrecommendations from friends and family. Do a local search onthe internet. We have several plantations in our area who offerwedding reception packages. These are elegant locations and areusually competatively priced; Including options for the lowbudget wedding.

Make a list or chart to record all your findings. Record notonly price but services available, and packages available. Thenyou can compare where you will get the most for your money.

For instance, you may be able to rent a space for a reallycheap rate and hire outside catering for the dinner. But, ifyou find a location that costs more but will offer you apackage that includes the catering, it may be the better dealin the long run.

The one big exception to this scenario is if you opt for apotluck reception. Many guests may be pleased, if not relieved,to be given the choice to bring a reception dish in place of awedding gift. You will find that low budget reception packagesusually come with a low budget menu as well. If you choose thisoption, you will save greatly on catering expenses. I am certainyour guests will be more pleased with the menu selections. Thiswould be your best low budget wedding option and will save themost money.

The Potluck Reception

Don't be shy to pursue this potluck reception idea. It is trulythe traditional way to celebrate. And, it is truly the numberone low budget wedding option.

Today's weddings are so commercialized. You will learn thatcaterers offer very limited menus to very limited budgets!Guests will likely be very pleased and welcome the idea of apotluck reception.

The potluck reception goes well with any wedding theme. If youare shy about approaching this option you can simply call it an"Old Time Traditional Wedding Celebration" The potluck dinnerwill suit this theme quite naturally and no-one will evenquestion it!

You may even want to pick an "Old Time" theme for yourdecorating and favors. This will further incorporate the ideaof an old time tradition theme. Perhaps a 50's theme or a 20'stheme. These are both popular old time themes.

Simply slip an added note with the invite, or on the invite, togive guests this option. For example the note might read...

~Our reception will be an "Old Time Traditional Celebration"with a potluck dinner. ____ Please check here if you would liketo bring a dish for the reception in place of a wedding gift.Call with dish suggestions please.

Have them call to get or offer suggestions on a dish so youhave control over the menu. No one is obligated toparticitpate, but I'm sure you will be surprised at how manyguests will opt for this.

You and your guest will be equally surprised at the greatvariety and quality of the dishes provided. Guests will want tobring only their best recipes to a grand occasion such as awedding reception!

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