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What should you "walk down the aisle" to? Should you stick with the traditional Wedding March or should you shock your grannie with "Bat out of Hell"?

Well maybe Bat out of Hell is totally inappropriate but do you have to stick with tradition? I would say not if you dont want to. There are so many wonderfully romantic and very suitable songs available today.

A friend of mine walked in to Ronan Keating singing The Touch of your Hand and the words fitted perfectly with how she felt about her new hubby.

A less traditional song to arrive by was The Timewarp. Not sure of any special significance there but it was what suited the bride well and so she had it.

Wedding music does not just cover the march down the aisle but also any music played during the ceremony, music at the reception and of course the first dance as man and wife.

Many people opt for a band or disco at their reception and with a few special requests thrown in the band pretty much will handle the rest. Generally the music will be designed to make folks get up, dance and basically have a great time.

The first dance is usually picked by the bride and groom and traditionally is a waltz. This is quite a safe way to go as stumbling around the room is better hidden by waltzing! Have attended at wedding where the song chosen was more modern and trendy and the poor groom, blessed with two left feet, looked very awkward!!

As the choice today is probably better than ever its best to listen to as much as you can so your decision is well informed. Whatever you chose, enjoy your day!

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