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Wedding Favors

Your Wedding Favors are a little bit of your wedding that your guests get to take away with them.

What to hand out? What says my wedding? Is it sugared almonds or posies of flowers? These days the sky is the limit when it comes to Wedding Favors.

Using little gift boxes of pot pourri, bottles of bubbles, watering cans with dried flowers or little golf bag keyrings can personalise what your guests take away with them. The choice of Wedding Favors can seem limitless.

Do you buy pre-made or go crafty and make them yourself? Buying pre-made can be a great choice if you dont have a large group to help. Even though they are pre-made you can still get accessories to personalise them with your own style or to tie your Wedding Favors in with your wedding theme.

If you have willing friends and family then getting down with the glue gun and glitter could be an ideal way to bond with the in-laws!! Throw a Wedding Favor making party and make an occasion of it.

Whatever method you choose the choice is vast. If you dont have any idea of what you want to do regarding favors then the information out there is fantastic. From flowers to chocolates and available in a rainbow of colors you are bound to find Wedding Favors that will suit your style.

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