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A Honeymoon Like No Other

When it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination it's usually sandy beaches and blue waters here, a historical sight there, or a luxurious pampering from morning till night somewhere else.

The other day, though, looking through the various web sites, I came across a honeymoon destination which must surely be the most unique of them all.

It's available only four months out of every year, and then it disappears from existence. Eight months later it's back again. For four months again.

The Ice Hotel of Quebec, Canada, welcomes guests only from January to April. The rest of the year the hotel ceases to exist because its whole structure is made from 400 tons of ice, and 12,000 tons of snow and needs the winter snows to bring it to life. A work of art in itself, it takes five weeks to erect, has impressive 18 foot ceilings, and walls adorned with original paintings made out of ice. It never repeats itself, so every stay is bound to amaze.

The hotel includes an ice chapel in which the couple can pledge their troth, a cinema in which to while away an hour or two, and an exhibition room with ice exhibits such as paintings, statues, and furniture all made out of snow and ice.

Apart from the fact that the materials used in the building of the hotel aren't the usual brick and mortar, you can still sit around a real fire, though when snuggling into bed you'll probably find a deer pelt and a sleeping bag made for two. And when toasting each other with champagne, you'll be doing it with ice goblets instead of just the usual crystal.

For something to do there's dog-sledding and all the other snow-oriented sports, as well as hot-air ballooning. At night you can visit the night club where your drink will never run out of ice.

Needless to say, being a hotel completely made of ice, it is a bit chilly, so if you and your partner decide to exchange your wedding vows at the ice hotel, you might like to rent a fur cape or coat so that you can be warm as well as good-looking. And don't be worried about missing out on your wedding photographs or flowers, or limousines. The hotel might be made of ice, but it has a warm heart. You'll be provided with all the things you would normally expect on your wedding day. Just ask.

Vlady, an Australian Civil Marriage Celebrant, is an author of "The Complete Book of Australian Weddings", "The Small Organisation Handbook" and an ebook, "Honeymoon! A Sizzle or a Fizzle?" which you can see on her website


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