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Get Swept Away on Your Wedding Day: Rent a Sailboat or Yacht!

For a day you'll never forget on that special occasion, take a once-in-a-lifetime voyage to the world's waters - rent a sailboat or yacht for your wedding - or for your closest loved ones. Imagine saying your vows while sailing across the ocean blue - either on a bright morning or a lovely afternoon, just as the sun is setting - it's sure to be an occasion both you and all your guests on board will never forget!

From the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Rim to the Atlantic shore, sailboat and yacht rental companies are doing big business in weddings and wedding receptions these days, promising a very romantic walk down the aisle - in real style.

Most sailboat and yacht companies are set up to suit your special needs, accommodating from two to 60 guests. Because the romance of getting married at sea is becoming more and more popular, most of the details, such as catering, flowers, champagne, bartending, music, and wedding cakes, are provided by the yacht or sailboat staff or their partners on land. And, although most sailboat captains are licensed to perform weddings, you certainly may provide your own minister or rabbi, as well.

Also, for the all-important photography and/or audiovisual recording of your choice, either bring your own hired hands on board or choose from an array of professional photographers specializing in nautical wedding photography. (For a sample, see

And the celebration certainly doesn't stop stateside: You can choose to be married anywhere in the world - whether you choose Tahiti in winter or off England's coast in summer, the world's your oyster when it comes to a nautical-themed wedding. Sailboats and yachts await you for your special day - if you can imagine it, they can make your dreams come true.

And one more thing: You'll have the "something borrowed" already covered, leaving you one less item to check off that list!

David Dunlap is the owner and founder of All About Sailboats and The Ocean Sailing Guide, two online resources for every sailing enthusiast. For sailing information and resources, including boat insurance and sailing charters, visit or

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