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Married 4 Good Thinking

Although I do believe in "till death do us part", the M4G concept is not so much about permanency as it is about making great things come out of your marriage.

I have a challenge for you: write 10 good things that you'd like to see come from your marriage relationship. They can be for you, your spouse, your children, or even society (that's right expand those borders).

Here are mine:

1. Greater faith in God

2. Better sense of self

3. Children who are responsible in adulthood

4. Stronger health

5. Stronger finances

6. Understanding

7. Ability to give more

8. Desire to care for self

9. Well-developed unconditional love for others

10. Chance to build others up emotionally and spiritually

Now write your measurable goals. Do one or two for each vision statement (good thing). They'll go something like this:

--Spend 1-on-1 time with each of my children every day.

--Have a date with my spouse once a week.

--Read, pray, meditate for 45 minutes a day.

Put your goals in a place you'll always see and remember them. Then work on one or two at a time until you think you've mastered it (them).

Remember happiness is in the journey not just in the destination. Only YOU can measure the first ten. I'd love to know how this exercise is working for you. Share your thoughts and experiences on the blog or with me via email:

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