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Choosing your Wedding Favors

How do you give thanks and make a lasting impression on your guest? The answer is simple, with a wedding favor. A wedding favor is a small token of appreciation for your guest to treasure and remember your special wedding day. Choosing the right wedding favor should represent both the bride and groom's personal style or personality, culture and your wedding theme. Many wedding books and planners suggest ordering your favors at least two months prior to your wedding day.

What I have always believed in my years of attending many weddings is to give a gift that your guest will not just throw away or slide into a drawer. For instance, don't give your guest bottle toppers for wine if you know that your guest don't drink. Remember that your favors should be some sort of representation of the bride and groom or wedding theme. Be inventive and creative to set the mood.

Listed below are a few candle favor ideas that can be created for small to larger size weddings:

Favor Idea #1: Hawaiian Theme Wedding

To accomplish having a Hawaiian Theme Wedding in any state in which you live is to start by either purchasing or hand crafting tea lights. These tea lights can be ordered in a variety of colors of your choice and then wrapped in matching color tulle or organza and ribbon. You can then download a Hawaiian theme clip art and use as a background for your favor tags and type a cute wedding verse. And you're done!

Favor Idea #2: Initial Rhinestone Votives

You can either order or hand craft enough 2" votives in your color of choice for your guest. Start by purchasing small rhinestones and craft glue from your local craft store such as Michael's, Total Crafts or A.C. Moore. Apply the rhinestones using tweezers to the votive spelling out the bride and groom's initials. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours and then wrap votives in either organza, tulle or gift bags.

Favor Idea #3: Mini Champagne Candles

Use miniature champagne glasses and again you can either order from a reputable candle company or get your bridesmaids in to help hand craft these miniature champagne candles. As stated above, match your candles with your wedding color scheme. Visit your local craft store to get silk wedding floral arrangements, 3" mirrors, glass gems and craft glue. Wrap the floral arrangement around the stem of the champagne glass and use the glue if necessary to secure in place. Apply glue to the base of the champagne glass and press down in the center part of the mirror. Do the same for the gems in a creative way leaving some of the mirror exposed.

Once the decision has been made on what type of favors, next choose how you are going to distribute your favors. If you have multiple colors for your favors then you can do give to every other person at a table but if it's one color and the same exact favor then you may want to consider giving a favor to one per couple.

As a bride-to-be, planning a wedding can be overwhelming but also fun and rewarding. Involve your bridesmaids and family and let your creative brain flow.

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