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Three Ingenious Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you have met the person or the couple several times you must be familiar with how they express themselves. Therefore, one of the best anniversary gift ideas would be to portray that pose through a life-size pencil sketch and frame it in bamboo or white plywood

Anniversary gift ideas should have sentimental values. An enlarged photograph or a life-size poster could be made of the pet, their first car, or any favourite item the couple may share.

There are also "traditional" anniversary gifts. Each anniversary year has a specific theme. For example, the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper, the second year is cotton, and the third is leather and so on. Any good address book will list the traditional anniversary gift ideas in the back of the book.

You may have several anniversary gift ideas but try this one of these: Fill a glass sphere with fluid such as water and seal it. Now get it to work on electronic principle. Record some tunes that the couple hum (their voices). Then make a toy putting the two together and place the sphere on sand. Whenever the position of the fluid in the sphere will change a humming tune will be heard. The couple will surely enjoy your creative idea and such a personalized gift. You could also make ring tones from their humming tunes and download them in the mobile phones of the couple. Indeed both ideas are innovative and personal.

In closing, anniversary gifts should be a gift that comes from the heart. Whether it is homemade or store bought. The gift should reflect the personality of the couple as much as possible.

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