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Bridal Shower Games?The Good, the Bad and the Overdone

Games can make or break a shower. The best can break the ice and liven up the party. The worst can embarrass and bore. So, how can you avoid this?

First, a little research...
First, list the showers you've been to and the games you remember. Which did you like and dislike? Ask a few other gals to do the same. Don't ask the bride because the games should be a surprise. Now, compare the games. Which games were played the most? Chances are everyone has played these games and are pretty sick of them. Avoid these overly popular games, unless you think no one minds playing them again and again. Bridal Bingo again? No thanks!

The Bride
Take into account her personality. If the bride is outgoing and loves the spotlight, find games that will make her the center of attention. A shy bride? Choose ones that will put the focus on the guests instead of the bride. An 'anti-bride' bride? Center games around the theme of the shower instead of bridal-type games. Ask the bride for her opinion without giving away the surprise. Some brides simply detest being enrobed in toilet paper! A movie buff may dig playing "Famous Couples."

Guest List
Not all games are meant for all showers. Consider who will be attending the shower. Most brides would die of embarrassment if "Honeymoon Ad Libs" was played when her grandmother is at the shower! But, the same game would be hilarious with her sorority sisters. Don't play ice-breaker games if the guests are already acquainted. No one wants to play a name game when they know everyone in the room.

Number of Guests
If it's a large shower, avoid games where every guest shares their thoughts/feelings/best wishes. That could take hours if you have 30 guests! Many guests won't know each other at a larger shower, so plan an icebreaker where guests are split into small groups. With smaller parties, you have more time for each guest to be in the spotlight and share their best wishes for the bride.

The Theme
A way to spice up shower games is to play up the theme. A cooking shower can have "Name that Spice" or "Gourmet Vocabulary". A wine shower? A wine term quiz would be fun!

Timing is Everything!
Guests want time to visit, so don't have games take up the entire shower. Plan for about 3 games, but be prepared to ditch one if you run out of time. One 20-minute game and two 5-10 minute games will fit into most schedules. Decide the best time to play the games. Play one game at the beginning of the shower to break the ice. That way, guests can enjoy meeting each other.

Ummm? "Honeymoon Topics"
Sure, little comments here and there about "the honeymoon" are fine and cause giggles, but sex-themed games and food may embarrass the bride or her guests. Save them for the bachelorette party. Grandmother Myrtle will be shocked to realize that the adorable "saxophone" cookies were?something else!

Memories!Sometimes what's missing from shower games is the reason the guests came in the first place?to celebrate the bride! Creating mementos personalize the party. Consider a "game" where the end result is a memento especially for the bride. A memory book, scrapbook, or hand-painted dishes are just a few ideas. What about having each guest create a scrapbook page?

Amy Dilling is the founder and owner of Perfect Parties to Go!, an online store and resource offering complete bridal and baby showers in a box.

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