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A Wedding Theme Can Rescue Your Wedding from Being Another Ho-Hum-Boring Disaster

Are you a Bride-to-Be? Wonderful! Congratulations! But what's that enormous cloud hanging over you? Of course! It's that insurmountable task you're thinking about all the time: "How am I going to create a beautiful and memorable Wedding Day out of thin air?"

You have to create a unique day that everyone will admire and enjoy, and you've not got a clue, not a smidgen of an idea how you're going to achieve this enormous task.

If you're nervous about getting your wedding perfect, if you're feeling stressed, are more than a little anxious, are worried about how to please everyone and still really-imploringly-desperately want to end up with a day that's all about the Love that You and Your Only Man have for each other, rest assured that you are definitely going to get there! Yes, even though you don't know how right now.

Every Bride-to-Be who's set their Wedding date knows how difficult it is to get started figuring out how their Wedding day will look, and feel and sound and taste.

No Bride-to-Be wants a disastrous Wedding day. Sadly, they do happen often enough.

Nor do you want a day that is so nothing special that none of the guests really remembers what happened at your wedding: because there was nothing special to remember, to recount, to tell others about. Of course, the guests came. And of course, they seemed to enjoy themselves - after all, they ate and they drank. Some even danced. And then they went off to their own homes. And that was the end. Nothing. Very few of your guests had anything special to say about the Big Event in your life. Just another ho-hum wedding.

Of course, you're thinking: "How can I put together a day that will be totally so unique, so special, so memorable that all our guests will be talking about this Wedding for years to come? Would be easy if I had a couple million for a budget: I'd just get the best wedding planner money can buy and, voila! But how is a magnificent wedding going to happen, especially with the budget we've got?"

Coming up with a wedding that looks, feels, sounds, smells, and tastes unique, different, memorable for everyone can be a virtually impossible, especially if you've not a clue where to begin.

Of course, you know what you want!

You want the colors and hues of your wedding to show off your personal favorites and make you feel ten times as beautiful as you have felt in his arms. And you want every one of your guests to enjoy looking at the wonderful choices you have made, and ooh & ah over them in honest appreciation.

You want your wedding invitations, decorations, flowers, in fact, every bit of your Wedding Day, to convey the unique emotions that you and your man alone feel. The Beauty and Love that is You and Your Man. That is the feeling you want to share with all your guests, have them drop their jaws with amazement, surprise and delight, wherever they look!

In short, you want to create your own piece of History, your own Royal Celebration in your own segment of Society.

So, where do you begin?

To answer that question, look to those who are already doing it every day for a living: the Wedding Planner. Where would a professional wedding planner begin?

She would leaf through her little black book of Wedding Themes. That's what she'd do.

And that's where you need to start, (especially if you've got other ideas for spending the massive fees that a Wedding Planner would charge.)

The What and Why of Wedding Themes:

A Theme to a Wedding is like a signature tune that plays and replays, softly, quietly, hauntingly but repeatedly, throughout a movie or opera. And then, when you walk back home from the show, you find yourself humming that same tune. And it stays with you, appears in your head at odd moments of time, and brings back the memories of special scenes from the show, time and time again.

Without a theme, a show is doomed from the start, like a movie without music, or an opera without an orchestra humming away in the pit.

A theme pulls the show together into a single Celebration, which, though it be made of many separate parts, still belong together.

A Wedding with a theme is remembered, cherished and relished in the hearts and memories of the guests who are privileged to have been invited to such an event.

A theme sets the stage for the Bridal Couple, encases the Couple's Love for each other like an elegant frame surrounds a prized painting or beloved photograph.

So start thinking. And doing. Utilize the Power of Themes to make your Wedding Day beautiful, romantic, and historic. Put together what you need for your wedding day. Now paint it with the colors of your theme, be it a Spring Theme, an Oriental Theme, or any other. Let every aspect of your Wedding Day reflect your chosen theme, as far as is possible.

Yes, you will get excited doing all this. And think about your guests! They will be overawed at the event you have created. And they will remember. They will tell others, discuss, praise.

Most importantly they will enjoy. And remember.

Go and do it: Utilize the Power of Themes to raise your wedding celebration a couple of notches above the rest.

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