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Wedding Invitation Labels and Envelopes

Computer printed labels are a time-saver, but they make the first impression of your formal wedding invitation appear impersonal. If a calligrapher is not in the budget, you can gather handwriting samples from your friends and offer them a fun incentive to assist addressing the envelopes.

Courtesy titles such as Mrs. and Dr. should be the only place you see punctuation on a wedding invitation. The basic rule of etiquette when addressing professional guests places the most impressive title first on the invitation regardless of gender. Simply using Mr. and Mrs. can be confusing enough and is acceptable unless it's a formal wedding. If the doctor is your dear Uncle Hank, don't worry about addressing the professional title.

Capital letters should only be used on a wedding invitation for proper names and at the end of a sentence. Try to fight the urge to use a capital letter at the beginning of each line to emphasis the poetry and love expressed in the wording.

When seconds are rapidly ticking away on the wedding planning clock, a number seems almost insignificant. But writing numbers out is a way to stop for a moment and honor your very special wedding day.

The date should be spelled out and followed by the day - Saturday, the second of August. If you choose to include the year, spell it out as well as the time. 3:00pm is written as 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Although traditional wedding invitation etiquette suggests everything be written out, the United States Post Office encourages the use of numbers and state abbreviations for proper delivery.

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