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Unique Wedding Invitations

Today's tech savvy couples are plugging in and creating unique wedding invitations on CD/DVD. These customized invitations use music and images, photo montage and video, to tell the couple's story and provide a personal invite to their wedding. Each CD/DVD comes complete with artwork, case and mailer and provides everything found in the standard invitation such as RSVP and map/directions.

Tech-challenged older family members have been known to get frustrated with this unique wedding invitation so think about delivering a basic printed version along with the CD/DVD.

A favorite 5x7 digital photo of the couple framed in a festive border with the event details and your own wording printed inside creates a unique wedding invitation for the budget minded. For a special touch you can glue a ribbon or dried flower along the border that frames the photo.

Photographs also deliver a treasured memory keepsake when creatively designed with rich paper and accents. Wedding guests often frame these unique wedding invitations.

A portrait of the couple, recreated from a photograph, brings even more elegance to the wedding invitation. A professional artist creates an original artwork to be cherished by the bride and groom for a lifetime.

Extraordinary wedding invitations using handmade paper, pressed flowers, and handmade silk ornaments are boxed with rose petals and confetti to present the mood of a wedding destined to delight the senses. Wedding invitations uniquely scrolled with cinnamon sticks attached to both ends and tied with a silk ribbon are delivered in a paper wrapped tube for the curious to discover the wedding information inside.

Unique wedding invitations have the potential of being as unique as the couple designing the concept and invitation.

Wedding Invitations Info provides information on cheap, unique, and do-it-yourself wedding invitations, plus wedding shower invitations, and advice on wedding invitation wording. Wedding Invitations Info is the sister site of Wedding Favors Web.

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