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Las Vegas Theme Weddings

"Las Vegas theme weddings are the envy of the world. Nowhere else on planet earth can you find such a dazzling array of choices for a theme wedding. If you can't find it in Las Vegas, it simply doesn't exist! Here's a partial list of just some of the different themes available in Las Vegas:

?The Rock and Roll wedding - be the rock star marrying his favorite groupie.
?The Camelot wedding - be Liz and Richard for the evening.
?The Intergalactic Wedding - be the alien of your choice!
?The Victorian wedding - go back to a simpler, gentler time and get married in wigs and bustles.
?The 50's wedding - just like in Grease!
?The Beach Party - sun and sand in your hair while the minister marries you.
?The Gangster wedding - gives the phrase "shotgun wedding" a whole new meaning.
?The Western Wedding - six guns blazing at the local saloon as you and Miss Kitty tie the knot.
?The Egyptian Motif - be Liz and Richard again as Cleopatra and Mark Antony proclaim their love for the ages.
?The Harley Theme - where you and your biker babe get hitched in front of the Hell's Angels (or a reasonable facsimile).
?The James Bond affair - be the suave international spy for a night!
?The Blues Brother - sport the dark glasses and blues music motif.
?The Liberace "gay" theme - complete with outlandish jewelry and costumes.
?The Magic Show - where hopefully nobody will be made to disappear.
?The Woodstock - you and a half million close friends in the mud.
?The Tomb - get married in a cave with mummies.

If none of the existing themes works for you, feel free to invent your own, but remember to keep it safe and legal!"

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