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"Las Vegas hotel weddings give you tons of options. You can pick your setting - from the minimal downtown hotels to the lavish hotels on the strip; pick your city - from Venice to Paris, from Monte Carlo to good old New York; and pick your style - from tuxedoed, buttoned down formal to tie dyed, long haired sixties radical.

From champagne to sparkling apple juice, from Pirates of the Caribbean to exploding volcanoes, pick your favorite hotel and you've only just begun to discover the boundless enthusiasm and creativity that is the trademark of a Las Vegas hotel wedding. Got lots of kids in the family - rent the arcade at the Luxor and watch the kids go wild for hours and hours. Have lots of romantic couples in the group - rent the gondolas at the Venetian after the ceremony and you'll glow with pride as everyone glides through the canals of Venice. Want to dance like a maniac all night long? You'll find discos like you've never seen before in the hotels on the strip. Looking for more spice in your party? If you're not the jealous type, try some of the gentlemen's clubs around the city some of which are inside the major hotels and all of which would be more than happy to make private arrangements with your group.

Any type of pleasure, all types of entertainment, an unstoppable flow of the best food and drink in the world, and an ambiance sure to please - these can all be found at any of the wonderful hotels in Las Vegas. All you have to do is check them out, talk to the Concierge about what is available at each hotel and then you merely have to decide which is the right place for you and your beloved to share.

Las Vegas Weddings Info provides detailed information on Las Vegas wedding chapels, packages and receptions, as well as garden, helicopter, casino, hotel, Elvis and other Las Vegas theme weddings. Las Vegas Weddings Info is the sister site of Maui Weddings Web.


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