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Wedding Dresses - Frequently Asked Questions

You've gotten engaged and have set the wedding date and now it's time to get down to business. All the planning and decisions can be overwhelming to the most organized and practical bride-to-be. There is help out there for you. Below are some suggestions of how to go about buying your wedding dress.

Q. How much time do I have before my wedding to look for my dress?

You should begin looking for the dress as soon as possible after the date date is set. It could take you awhile to find the "perfect" dress. Once you do find it, there is likely to be alterations that need to be done and accessories to be bought.

Q. Where can I look for a dress that offers a variety of styles at various prices?

Look in bridal magazines. The choice of dresses will depend greatly on the time of year your wedding will take place, the type of wedding you are planning, and your budget.

Q. Why do I need someone to come with me while I am looking for my wedding gown?

The reason for having someone with you is for moral support and to help you decide whether a dress is a good style for you or not. Besides it can be fun shopping with someone else.

Q. How much can I expect to put down on a deposit for my dress?

You can expect to put down at least half of the total price of your dress. It is a good idea to pay this portion of your dress with a credit card. If goes something seriously wrong with the purchase you might be able to negotiate reimbursement through your credit card company.

Q. I wear a size six dress but my wedding dress is a size 10, why is that?

The wedding dress designers each use a different sizing chart and these sizes tend to be a bit larger than typical sizes. It is best to look at and/or buy a dress that fits. If you lose weight it is easier to take the dress in than it is to increase its size.

Q. Do I need to have the things I will wear with my wedding dress when I go for a fitting?

Yes have what you will be wearing with you when you go for fittings. The undergarments including a slip or hoop skirts size could be affected if you wear something different. You will want to have the same good fit on your big day as you do during fittings.

Q. What should I look for in a wedding dress?

When you are looking for a dress make sure the buttons are secure.Turn the dress inside out and inspect all seams. Make sure the stitching of the seams is solid and that there are no gaps in stitching. Check the Beading and appliques to be sure they well stitched. If the beads are glued on you might consider another dress as the beads could fall off.

Q. How can I protect myself in the event something goes wrong with the purchase of my wedding dress?

The best way is to pay the deposit for your dress with a credit card. This way if the deposit is non-refundable as is the case in most places, you might be able to go through the credit card company. Also make sure you get your purchase order in writing so that if there is difficulty you can refer to it.

Q. Will I still be able to get a terrific dress if I am on a budget?

Yes you should be able to get a terrific dress no matter what your budget is. Some of the well-known wedding dress sellers will hold $99 sales or basement sales. Also, don't just look at wedding dresses. Take a look at prom dresses. Designer knock-offs can be purchased at prices that are up to 50% less than the origin.

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