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3 Emerging Trends In Custom Invitations

There is an overwhelming demand for high quality, custom stationery that really reflects the bridal couple's style, personality, and wedding. It doesn't stop at the wedding invitation set anymore! It seems every modern bridal couple is opting to have their entire stationery ensemble done by a custom invitation house. As weddings become more sophisticated, the need for chic stationery quickly evolves into a necessity.

Here's what I mean: We'll often start at the engagement party invitations stage and later carry the style variations onto the Save-The-Date cards stage. Next, we do the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding invitations, ceremony programs, place cards and finally the 'thank you cards'. Couples carry the consistency in design by inserting "their" colour, motif, or personalized monogram at each stage. Even table cards, menus, and announcement cards aren't immune from the coordination. Couples are demanding it throughout their entire wedding stationery ensemble.

1) Monograms!

Monograms have become the quintessential accent to entire custom invitation stationery ensembles. I'm not talking about those drab traditional semi-scroll initials. These days, monograms are serious business. We're seeing full names, original designs, mixed typefaces, and watermark additions to the monogram pattern. As always, some rules still govern. Traditional invitations will almost always look best with a traditional monogram; but you can always add an original design twist to add interest. Contemporary invitations often require a new reinterpretation of traditional monograms. If you think about it, it's not so much a 'radical' evolution. Many women are opting not to change their names anymore, so more casual monogram designs can be created using only first names. That creates some interesting - if not, endless - options for today's brides.

2) Seasonal!

One of the hottest trends we're seeing is the impact of the seasons in wedding stationery! Couples are having a lot more fun emphasizing natural seasonal colours and patterns into their invitations depending on the season their wedding is taking place in. After all, weddings aren't just in the summer anymore. Fall has overtaken summer as the most popular wedding season for some time now. But we're also seeing more winter weddings! Wrapping up our fall seasons orders, we've seen nearly every kind of motif from acorns, pine cones, leaves, and twigs to pumpkins incorporated into the invitation ensemble. Remember, motifs don't have to be grand - repetition is the key for the optimum effect on all printed stationery. For winter, we're seeing a lot of seasonal accents like snowflake seals, pattern watermarks, and cooler colours. Seals with stamped seasonal imprints are a hot way to incorporate the season on your entire invitation stationery ensemble and even as creative decorative accents on other items.

3) Pockets, Pockets, Pockets!

Pocket-style invitations are really hot! They're popular for three main reasons: 1) Pocket invitations are aesthetically pleasing. They're neat, tidy, and carry a sophisticated look; 2) They spell the end of the 'dreaded scattering of inserts' after opening; 3) They help couples' stuff to their heart's delight while helping guests stay organized. Much more content including cards for Directions, Accommodations, RSVP (and envelope), and Reception can easily be added together without making the invitation look like last year's tax records. On the day of the wedding you can bet guests can easily retrieve all the required details for the day's events!

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