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Mexico Honeymoon Vacations

Mexico, a country rich in arts and ancient cultures and strategically located between Guatemala and the United States is a perfect destination for a romantic Mexico honeymoon vacation. This beautiful land of sunshine, clear blue seas, crystal-white beaches, high and impressive mountains and volcanoes and jungles of exotic wildlife provides honeymooners with lots to see and do. In fact, places like Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco are amongst the most romantic resorts in Mexico for honeymooners. You will find a little bit of everything from the romantic to adventurous, as well as secluded moments of art and history in Mexico.

The enigma of Mexico honeymoon vacations will leave the newlyweds with unforgettable romantic memories. Dining to eye-opening and amazing moments of a Mexican trio's soulful and heartfelt love songs in garden restaurants and dancing under the romantic moonlight are just the prelude of romance in an exotic venue.

Additionally, shopping activities are not left out and it is easy and fun to spend quality time bargaining in Insurgentes Market of Zona Rosa for brilliant Mexican handcrafts - authentic pottery, jewelry and blankets. Go for a walk through the city which has been standing for centuries and go snorkeling or just enjoy the sun on Mexico's Riviera - renowned beach in Cancun and visit the Mayan ruins at southern Quintana Roo of Mexico on a horseback riding tour.

Couples who love privacy, relaxing and pampering will find these services offered by most of the Mexico honeymoon resorts. There is a variety of resorts to choose from located all over Mexico, such as the Celba del Mar Spa Resort and Hyatt Cancun Caribe Resorts and Villas in Cancun, Fairmont Acapulco Princess in Acapulco, Las Rocas Resort and Spa in Ensenada, El Cozulmeleño Beach Resort in Cozumel, and The Westin Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta. In these resorts you will be sure of obtaining excellent facilities in spa treatments, sauna, steam baths, Jacuzzi and fitness centers with professional consultants. In fact, many of these resorts offer exclusive double massage areas for couples.

Mexico honeymoons are not complete without visits to exotic cities in Mexico, each of them bringing forth their own platter of unique attractions. For instance, Cabo San Lucas, attracts crowds with its mysterious natural hideaway and its romantic appeal. While Cancun offers both sophistication and history as well as beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea water.

Puerto Vallarta, on the other hand, provides a romantic combination of the traditional Mexico and modern hideaways. The ever famous Acapulco rightfully referred to as the "Grand Dame" and the "Pearl of the Pacific", offers one of the most beautiful and romantic bays in the world combined with stunning beaches and wonderful natural surroundings.

Finally, for a taste of authentic Mexican culture, Guadalajara is the place to go which is complete with all the activities and modern comforts that only a large city provides. Ensenada proudly known as the "Cinderella of the Pacific", is a popular honeymoon destination which is easily accessible by land, air, and sea. Plus it is only a 90-minute drive from San Diego, California. This resort brings warm Mediterranean weather combined with a romantic past as well as exquisite cultural and dining activities.

With the myriad of romantic destinations that Mexico has to offer, it is no doubt one of the best choices for a romantic getaway. A Mexican honeymoon will definitely be an unforgettable romantic experience which will fill couples with delightful memories that will last them for a lifetime. Indeed, this is one destination that should not to be missed!

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