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Planning A Backyard Wedding

So many couples are planning to have their wedding at locations that are symbolic to them. A popular place for this is their parents or relative's backyard. A popular color for a backyard wedding is hunter green to match the natural surroundings. Hunter green bridesmaid dresses are lovely for a wedding. Choosing to plan a backyard wedding and using hunter bridesmaid dresses is hard work. It is advised you start as soon as possible.

Planning a backyard wedding involves organization. If the couple has decided earlier on that they would like a backyard wedding, there are so many things to do. The bride will have to depend on a wedding consultant or the maid of honor's help. Of course the groom can help as well.

For your backyard wedding, it is necessary to choose what time of day, you would like the wedding ceremony to take place. If you are thinking of a morning wedding, the backyard must be decorated early in the morning. Also it is a good idea to have an afternoon wedding to compliment your hunter green bridesmaid dresses.

After you have decided on the time of day, it is now important to consider how you will decorate the backyard, and how you will set everything up. Both the bride and the groom should decide where in the backyard they would like to stand and where it is best to have their guests sitting.

If the bride and groom wish it, they can also rent or build a tent in the backyard if the yard is big enough. A popular trend is to build a tent that will hold the wedding ceremony and the reception. The bride and groom will be married in the center of the tent or at the front of the tent, and then they will sit down to the wedding reception. A wedding like this will save money because it is all in one location, as compared to the traditional hotel reception in another location.

Also, it is great idea to rent or have someone build a gazebo that can be decorated with flowers. The bride and the groom, along with the minister, can stand under this. The flowers and a nice green lawn will definitely compliment the bride's choice of hunter green bridesmaid dresses.

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