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Mattresses and Marriage - a Match Made in Heaven

Mattresses and marriage go hand in hand. Sleep is important to all of us, even the honeymooners. A good night sleep is critical for our performance the next day and for our health and well being in general. If the couple is not used to sleeping together, there will be just the issues of getting used to sleeping with someone. You don't need the extra strain and complications of a mattress that is uncomfortable for one or both parties. My comfort in bed may not be yours. I like a soft mattress even though I have a bad back. My husband likes something that is more firm. There are mattresses on the market that boast the capability of adjusting the firmness to each person's preference. That sounds great, but these mattresses aren't inexpensive. In fact, most mattresses and box spring sets will set you back a few bills. In order for your chances of a better night sleep to be greater, I strongly advise for the new couple to pick out the mattress together instead of one person bringing a mattress into the marriage. That also feels better doesn't it? I don't like the idea of a "used" mattress coming into a marriage. This should be new just as the marriage is new. If the couple shops together for the new mattress set, there is a better chance they will find one that fits both their needs. Do the rest test in the store as most retailers won't let you take one home and then return it; they frown on that from a hygienic aspect.

The Better Sleep Council recommends six things you should consider before buying the mattress:

? Support is critical as you should have a mattress that keeps your spine in a good standing posture.

? Make sure the comfort level is such where you feel you can be close to each other without bothering one another.

? You expect your mattress to last a long time as it is not an inexpensive purchase. Keep turning it, and vacuum it off occasionally. If you are concerned about dust mites, you may even want to encase it in plastic. Ask yourself in a few years if it is still supportive and comfortable to you. If not, you might want to opt for a new set.

? Buy the right size. If you need space as we all do, opt for at least a queen size bed. King-size mattresses are unwieldy and will take up more space in a master bedroom, but you might require more room, especially if you and your mate are tall or heavy set.

? Do buy a matching sleep set. These are made for each other and you won't get the wear from the mattress you desire if you don't match it up to the box spring.

? Buy the best that you can afford. Now is not the time to skimp on a purchase because a cheap mattress will not be comfortable at all. It won't take you long in the rest test to tell the comfortable mattresses from the ones that feel like cardboard.

Mattresses and marriage are made to stay together. We spend so much of our life in bed that we need to have the most comfortable, supportive mattress on the market that we can afford. Isn't this like the partner you have chosen? They are supportive and comfortable to be with so mattresses and marriage can truly be a match made in heaven.

Bev Marshall is a successful freelance writer offering guidance and suggestions for consumers buying mattresses, comforters, bedding, duvet covers and more. Her many articles can be found at . She gives information and tips at to help you save money, make informed buying decisions and common sense ideas for changing your life.


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