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It's Never Too Early to Renew Your Wedding Vows

When you think about couples who renew their wedding vows, chances are you're not picturing anyone under the age of 50. But the truth is that it's never too early to renew your vows - especially if you didn't get to do exactly what you wanted the first time around. I'm talking about those couples that really wanted to write their own vows, but that got talked out of doing it by family, friends (or even themselves) for a whole host of reasons that "sounded good" at the time.

Does This Sound Like You?

Rick and Holly were recently married, and as much as their day was truly memorable, there was one aspect that really bothered them -- their wedding vows. Like many modern-day engaged couples, they wished to write their own vows to make their exchange of love more romantic and personal. However, they were talked out of the idea by Holly's mother and her maid of honor, Karen.

Holly's mother believed that writing their own wedding vows was going against tradition, which would be frowned upon by many of the guests attending the ceremony, while Karen felt that writing personal wedding vows was tacky and likely to be longwinded.

Holly carefully considered the opinion of each woman, both of whom she respected and loved very much, as they had been wonderful and exceptionally helpful during the planning of her wedding. She discussed the situation with Rick and found out that he, too, was having mixed feelings about writing their own vows. It seemed his brother Jim and sister-in law Deborah also expressed their distaste concerning the idea.

With a heavy sigh, both Rick and Holly decided that it would probably be best not write their own wedding vows. They tossed away brainstorming ideas, and although neither of them would admit it to the other, they were equally feeling miserable about abandoning their original plan to create their own vows.

Now, here they were, happily married, and yet feeling cheated out of the wedding they had always wanted. Why had they listened to others instead of their own hearts?

Why Not Renew Your Vows on Your Honeymoon? (Yes, Your Honeymoon!)

That is when Rick had a clever idea: what if they renewed their wedding vows on their honeymoon? Holly brightened at this thought, and after a moment of consideration it was settled. Both of them carefully composed personal thoughts that they wished to share with the other, and set the day when they would renew their vows.

Afterwards, Rick and Holly were able to ignore the regret they once felt, as they now had new memories born from the second chance of being able to express the everlasting words of love they had always wanted to share in the presence of others.

If you are one of the unfortunate victims who have listened to others and went with traditional wedding vows instead of your original plan of writing out your own, you can stop regretting and start renewing. That's right; you can have the wedding you originally wanted by simply renewing your wedding vows.

You will discover that renewing your wedding vows is not a difficult process, and could be even more romantic than the first time you were married. A renewal of vows is a beautiful decision, because it is like saying to your spouse, "I love you even more than the day we were married, and if I had the choice, I would marry you all over again because I can't imagine my life without you in it. You are the only one for me, and I want the whole world to know."

If this sounds like something you're interested in, try searching on the Internet for places that cater to "destination weddings." After all, you want this to be a special moment - just as special as the day you were originally married.

And in terms of getting down to the business of actually personalizing the words you're going to say, products like The Ultimate Wedding Vow Toolkit (which I created - more info at will walk you through the process step by step.

Good luck?and this time, don't let anyone talk you out of what you truly want to do!

Chris Simeral is the creator of The Ultimate Wedding Vow Toolkit, a downloadable, step-by-step manual for couples personalizing (or renewing) their wedding vows. Sign up for the free wedding vow mini-course at

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