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Acclaimed Songwriter and Performer Michael Alan Releases New CD: Searching for the Heartland:

New York born singer songwriter Michael Alan, who records with the Indie-label Global Fish Records in Seattle, is an artist who creates without a prescribed musical formula. His approach to writing is purely straight from his heart, lyrically poetic and honest, and void of any sound-alike comparisons. Michael's songs portray a myriad of lyrical expressions and images that moves the listener through a musical experience which evokes excitement, tenderness, passion, and sadness. His ability to write songs each with their own personality reveals the fact that he is an avid listener of all types of music including, pop, rock, blues, soul, jazz, classical, world music, etc.

What also distinguishes Michael as an articulate songwriter is his self-reflection about personal and social themes which touch upon our daily lives. Michael Alan's CD release "Searching for the Heartland" is a testimonial that this songwriter expresses himself in a personal way sharing his deepest thoughts and feelings through his music.

Michael Alan's songs have been categorized by music journalists in a variety of music genre; soft pop-rock, adult contemporary, adult alternative pop-rock, lyrical singer-songwriter, etc. However, an acute listener of his song tracks can hear a blend of different musical styles in his song recordings which allows the tunes to cross over music genre barriers.

Michael is fortunate to have some of the finest musician producers to accompany him with song arrangements and musical backing in the recording studio. ►Ira Ingber, credits with Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Bonnie Raitt ►Tom Kellock, credits with Manhattan Transfer, Al Jarreau, Heart ►Brian Griffin, credits with Gary Puckett & the Union Gap, Barbra Streisand.

The song tracks on "Searching for the Heartland" are a compilation of different time periods in Michael's career as a songwriter, performer, and recording artist. They include his works as a staff-writer for a major publisher in Los Angeles, his performance touring in Europe with the Esquires, and his recent recordings in Seattle, WA.

The songs on the CD take on their own character with universal appeal for a wide variety of audiences. The majority of tunes can be considered "Radio Friendly" for radio air-play within a broad category of radio station formats.

Michael's life evolves around the creative and organic process of writing lyrically mindful songs. In a recent interview he expressed the following, "Sometimes on a rare occasion the music and words come together like shadows of light creating a warm sense around me. It's a feeling that you are not alone in the rhythm of life. It's in this moment that you know the hearts and souls of all people around the world are truly connected."

Website: / Michael Alan is a registered fund-raiser for the American Heart Association in WA.

Michael Alan is part owner of a new start up Indie-label, Global Fish Records, in Seattle, WA. After years of recording and touring in Europe which allowed him to earn a full-time livelihood in music he has relocated back to the US.

He has been a student of the music business taking courses specifically geared for the business side of the music industry including a regular schedule of seminars. Michael says it's 25% about making good music in your chosen genre and 75% about contracts, booking, promotion, marketing, and communication. Either you learn to do as much as possible on your own or you hire everybody in town. Remember the artist & the band is the last party to get paid when you hire specialists to do all of the necessary work.

Global Fish Records concentrates on singer-songwriters who are versatile in their writing styles and capable of conveying honest and meaningful lyrics which reflect our daily lives.

*Jenny Shaw, music columnist, is the writer & editor of this article for publication.

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