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Micheal Jackson

I bet your wondering all about the Micheal Jackson Trail. Do you think he's guilty. All of us are entitled to have different opinions. I believe Micheal Jackson isn't guilty, because not enough evidence was shown during the trial.

The child who had cancer switched up his stories so many times you don't know what to believe any more. If there is some one to blame I believe the parents that allow their children to spend the night at Micheal's home should be arrested.

It's like me having cancer(I really do)and asking my mother for "Make A Wish Foundation" to grant my wish for me to meet R.Kelly. Which will be a definite no no no.

If a parent here's all these allegations against a person are supposedly true.Why would they give their child permission to go "Never Land Ranch" to meet this child molester? So much for being a child molester!

Children claim to see nude pics from nude magazines. Knowing children they probably sneaked in Micheal's cabin and were being nosey enough, to get a little taste of the action, that was obviously too much for them.

No they don't want mom and dad to find out that their sweet adoreable son, is a naughty boy, trying to see grownup things, that should only be seen by the 18 and older eyes.Next time you make a judgement about a celebrity.

Make sure you have all your facts straight.Email me at:

I was born in New York, At the age of 15 I was diganosed with leukemia. I'm now in remission. I'm doing fine. Three important people helped me to beat this illness, which makes life much more rewarding.

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