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Les Paul Vintage Gibson Guitars

Les Paul vintage Gibson guitars were first producedin 1952. These guitars were the first solid body electricthat Gibson had made. The 1952 version of the LesPaul vintage guitar has a gold top nitro-celluloselacquer finish, and no serial number. This Gibsonwas designed by Les and included Kluson tuners,a pair of P90 pickups, and retailed for $210.

These Gibson vintage guitars were simply called'Les Paul' models, and later became known asGold Tops because of the finish. Most Les PaulGibson vintage Gold Tops have a gold coloredmaple top with natural back, a few guitars weremade that had the gold finished all over.

In 1954 Gibson launched the Les Paul Customvintage guitar. The Les Paul Custom has an ebonyfretboard, with elaborate bindings on the guitarbody and headstock. Among some guitarists thisGibson vintage acquired the name 'black beauty'because of its gold plated hardware and black finish.The Custom was the first fitted with a tune-o-maticbridge and tailpiece.

The Les Paul Junior has a flat, uncarved mahoganybody with no binding. The Junior guitar is equippedwith a single P90 pickup, along with an old wraparoundcombined bridge/tailpiece. Some Les Paul Juniorswere referred to as Les Paul TV models because oftheir blond/yellow finish instead of a sunburst.On stage live these TV models always attractionattention.


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