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Ibanez SR400 Bass Guitar

The Ibanez SR400 bass guitar is very comfortableto play. The neck is thin up at the headstock, youcan move your hand along it well because of thenecks finish. The SR400's neck at the back hasa matte finish making it very easy to slide your hands up and down the neck. Its easier to playthe higher frets because the neck is a bolt-onwith a curve where the neck bolts.

The body of the Ibanez SR400 is contoured verywell. There are no sharp edges anywhere. Youcan play the SR400 standing up or sitting comfortably.If you are sitting down and put the bass on your rightthigh, it will stay balanced and not lean one wayor another.

The SR400 bass guitar is very playable becausethe strings are loose. You won't have to play withmuch force to get a sound, and it won't wear yourfingers out so much.

The pickups of the SR400 Ibanez are in "P/J"configuration. There is a split "P" pickup at theneck position and a single humbrucker at thebridge. For each pickups volumn there are threeknobs and one for tone.

The Ibanez SR400 bass guitar stays in tune verywell. The tuners at the head are 2 on each side,and they are Gotoh tuners. The tuners are notto tight or loose, but they are light enough to keepthe strings in tune.

The SR400 bass is good for an intermediate guitarist,and the best thing about it is its neck is so smooth,playable, and thin.


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