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The British Invasion

The Kasabian concert at the Kool Haus seemed like a concert somewhere in England (even though I haven't been there). This band out of Leicester pumped out amazing electronic, rock beats with an amazing light show. I've heard them on the radio with their hit "Club Foot" and have noticed them gaining more and more interest of us fellow Canadians.

After mingling in the crowd during the opening bands and at intermission I met Jeremy, straight from London, England who arrived to Toronto the night before for business. Finding out about the concert the day of, he was shocked that Kasabian was playing a venue like the Kool Haus."Kasabian is one of the top bands in the UK. They're brilliant!" he said over and over.

"Brilliant" and "fantastic" were the popular words of the evening as I numerously heard not only Jeremy say, but also many others after almost every track ended.

Tom Meighan, the lead singer and the three other band mates all had the British shag and a killer sound to go with them. There is nothing better than hearing a band in concert and being exposed to the songs that you don't hear on the radio especially when you know that they are massive somewhere else in the world.

For those of you who are wondering the same as I was about 'what the heck does Kasabian mean?' they named themselves after Linda Kasabian, who was Charles Manson's getaway driver. That is about how American these boys get, everything else other than their name seemed strictly Brit.

I think that we will be hearing more of Kasabian in the future and who knows maybe their huge fame in England it may make it here to Canada, just like it has for many UK bands.

Farris Green

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