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How To Make Money On A Music Website Through Pay-Per-Click?

Interested in making money while you're asleep, or making moneywhile you're not even on the computer? Well here is a way thatyou can do that, clicks!! Once you have gone and purchased your domain name for a cheap $9.20 peryear, and found a hosting company such as for $3.95per month, you are set to begin building your website and makingmoney.

It is possible to make money by joining affiliateprograms and selling companies' products as mentioned in myprevious article, How to Make Money on a Music Website throughAffiliate Programs found at:

Now how exactly do you make money through people clicking onyour website and links on your website? The first step is toget a FREE affiliate account with 7search at Whatthis will allow you to do is place 7search ads and otherwebsites dealing with your topic, in this case music, on yourwebsite.

On the 7search affiliate page you will be able to manage youraccount viewing how many clicks a day you are getting and howmuch money you are making. How you make money is by placingpay-per-text links on your website. Through 7search you willwant to go to:

This will allow you to look at the price you will make fordifferent keywords that you use. The difference between musicand free music for example, results in a change of cost thatwebsites are paying to get their website higher on the searchengine.

When creating your pay-per-text once you have come up with akeyword that you want to use, come up with a short sentence orphrase to let people know what they are clicking on. Forexample, use Top 10 music websites or Best free music websites,to reel them in to see what the top 10 music websites are. Youwill also be able to choose how many sites you want to come upon your list, from 1 to all that are available. You will wantto keep it at 10 or under as the lower down the list the siteis, the less you get paid each time a surfer clicks on the link.

As you create this pay-per-text, 7search will give you a codethat you place in your web panel creating a link. The greatthing about 7search is that there is NO limit to how manypay-per-text links you place on your website, so you can haveone on each page of your website or more. It is recommendedhowever, that you don't place more then a couple per page as itwill begin to appear cluttered with pay-per-texts. Once youplace the pay-per-text links on your website, you are set tobegin making money 24/7.

Now that you have a way to make money by people clicking onlinks on your website, how do you get people to come to yourwebsite? You want to get your website out on the internet andget it known. You can run ads through other peoples' websitesor on various companies' websites, but this will cost you moneyvarying from website to website. If you want to make moneywithout spending too much money, the way is by exchanging linkswith other people.

Exchanging links with other people allows you to get yourwebsite out on other peoples' website so that when surfers go onto their website, they may see your website and be intrigued. Byexchanging links, you are giving your website to someone else tohave them place it on their website and in return, you placetheir website on your website.

The two link exchange companies that I use are infowizards.comand Infowizards is free to join and allows youto trade multiple links with people in all categories with nolimit. You will want to keep your link exchanges as close toyour topic as possible. For example, don't trade links withsomeone that has a website based on relationships if you have amusic website.

The other link exchange company that I use,, isfree to a limit. You may only request 5 links per day for free,or you may request unlimited links per day at the cost of $18.85a year, which is highly recommended. The websiteoffers far more links than the infowizards website, and is mucheasier to maintain and keep track.

Another good way to get traffic to your website is by writingarticles on various topics relating to your topic in some way.You then submit your article to as many places as possible suchas,, or you can submit your articles to 30-50 places, you will createtraffic to your website in a hurry. Now you know what to do andthe places to join to get money flowing if off of your musicwebsite while you aren't even working on it.

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Jeff Schuman is the creator of Best-MP3-Music-Downloads.comwhere you can buy CD's and find all of the best free musicdownloads:


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