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Folic Acid - An Overview of Its Importanace Before and During Pregnancy


Folic Acid, also know as Vitamin B9, assists in preventing certain birth defects of the spinal cord and brain known as neural tube defects (NTDs). Without a sufficient amount of Folic Acid the cells that form the baby's brain and spine become deficient resulting in spina bifida (open spine) or anencephaly (undeveloped brain). There are over 4,000 births defects annually as a direct result of insufficient Folic Acid in the Mother's body. Folic Acid should be taken prior to conception since these births defects begin in the first month of pregnancy.

Folic Acid also helps prevent other birth defects such as cleft palate, low birth weight and helps in the production of additional red blood cells needed to support the growth of the fetus. Other studies have show that Folic Acid helps in the prevention of heart disease, stroke and anemia. The Center for Disease Control recommends that all women of childbearing age consume 400 micrograms of Folic Acid daily and that once pregnancy is confirmed increase to 800 micrograms daily. The normal diet does not provide a sufficient amount of Folic Acid so supplementation is required.

Prenatal Blessings provides prenatal diet and nutrition products especially formulated to meet the increased nutritional needs of Moms2B including their Oatmeal/Raisin Cookie fortified with Folic Acid.

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