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The One Critical Piece Of Free Software Thats Been Overlooked

Can You Prevent Spyware, Worms, Trojans, Viruses,... To Work When You Switch Your Pc On ?I Can And I Do It On A Pro-active Basis.

Surfing Means More And More To Stay Invisible, To BeClean From The Inside And To Prevent Installment OfMalicious Software (So Preventing Unwanted CommunicationFrom Inside To Outside And From Outside To Inside).

How do you stay invisible while surfing? Of courseby installing a firewall. How do I get one free?That's the easy point.

You like to stay invisible. But are you?And how do you know? You could do a test from someoneout there trying to get in. But who can you trust?

Suppose you are doing a test. Do you obtain objectiveand reliable information about your PC-vulnerability(for free)?

Now even if you stay invisible, you will visit websitesleaving cookies in your PC and you will download software.By doing so you will get spyware, viruses, ...

How can you detect them and delete them? That's alsothe easy point: you have to install an anti-virus programand anti-spyware programs. Research on the internetmakes it clear that you need 2 anti-spyware programs.Why 2? Because a great fish may be caught by the netbut a small fish can swim through the holes.Using 2 makes the holes smaller. What are those 2 freeprograms you have to download?

Can you prevent spyware to install on your PC? Maybe,maybe not. There is one free software that mightprevent it (but not with 100% guarantee).

And even then you need an additional freeware programto prevent a piranha to install itself on your PC(just enabling itself to start up whenever you switch yourPC on). This freeware program is overlooked by many andgives you an additional feeling of relief and security.It gives you also a hint whether some new downloadedsoftware is good or bad (and thus giving you the chanceto delete it anyway before it becomes too malicious).

Now you owe it to yourself to maximize the safetyof your PC for surfing. You need a firewall,ananti-virus software, 2 anti-spyware programs,one spyware preventing program, a trusty guard preventinginstallment in your startup files and even 3 musketeers.And last but not least do a safe test to get an objectiveidea about the vulnerability of your PC.

Everything is free. It only needs your attention.So look after the fully simple and logical steps in:

After all, preventing a disease is better than curing it!

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