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How To Prevent Spyware Attacking Your Computer

Spyware is software or hardware installed on a computerwithout a user's knowledge. It gathers information andreports it back to its source. It ties up bandwidth, slowsdown CPU speed and generally is a nuisance.

In its more malicious forms, it can disrupt the PC so muchthat it is unusable; it can run up modem bills, it can spamor send copies of itself to everyone in your address bookand it can download pornographic material to your PC.

The last is probably the one most likely to make everyonestand up and take notice. Downloading porn at the officecan get you fired, downloading child porn anywhere can getyou arrested.

The only way to keep these and all the other problemsassociated with spyware from infecting your life anddisrupting your activities is prevention. As the oldsaying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound ofcure.

There are numerous programs available (both for free andfor pay) that offer protection from spyware and its relatedcohorts. Most free programs remove spyware that's alreadybeen downloaded and installed to your machine, such as Ad-Aware, one of the first original anti-spyware programs.

The free version requires that you scan to capture andremove spyware. The pay for version includes a real-timescanner that actually prevents spyware from downloading orinstalling itself.

There are numerous other products on the market, but don'tbe taken in by their pronouncements of being anti-spyware.Be wary, a few of the free programs are just spywarethemselves.

Security for your PC at the home includes using up-to-datevirus software, installing an effective firewall, employingreputable anti-spyware tools, making sure all patches andbeing sure to install all updates for the operating system.The best thing to do is to avoid risky online behavior orthe downloading of every free offer that literally "popsup".

Never download anything from an unknown source. A lot ofhome PC users can find their machines besieged by problemsbecause they downloaded something they weren't sure aboutor just assumed was safe. Don't assume, be sure. You caneven check security settings for different websites youvisit. Be sure what you're downloading is from a reputablesource.

You wouldn't invite just anyone who knocked on your doorinto your house; you shouldn't let any file or program intoyour computer. Spyware at its best is a nuisance, and apotentially dangerous and damaging element that can costyou real time, and worse of all, money. ===========================================================Discover all you ever wanted to know about spyware. Latestdiscovery methods, latest incoculation treatments, latestremoval techniques. Click for useful info and dailyupdated blog of spyware news and articles.

Tom Jenson has worked in software development for 20 years.He's seen spyware develop from an occasional problem, to adaily, hourly threat to all pc's. He made it a mission toresearch these threats, and work out how best to combatthem. Now this series of article helps others protecttheir computers too.


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