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7 Tips for Being Your Best Time Master

It is not enough if you are busy. The question is, "What are you busy about?" - Henry David Thoreau

With our to-do lists ever-growing, assigning tasks to our calendars can be a simple way to manage time and reduce stress. The simple act of writing down the things we need to do releases us from having to remember it all "upstairs." Below are some tips to help you successfully manage your tasks and calendar.

? Be realistic about how long each task will take.

? Learn to say "no."

? Delegate: when you authorize others to take over some of your activities, you free yourself to focus on where you can make your best contribution.

? For those little things that take only a minute or two (such as putting your dirty dishes away or signing a permission slip), sometimes it's best to just do them right away.

? However, if the task will take 15 minutes or more, choose a specific time in which to do it. Schedule an appointment with yourself. You may need to communicate to your coworkers or family that you are unavailable due to scheduled work.

? Without a place to "assign" tasks, you'll always be in a reactive mode. Use your calendar diligently. Do things on your time, when you are ready. You are in command.

? Don't double-book yourself or plan your appointments too close together. Planning for delays will keep you calm and allow you to enjoy the current moment. Forget about multitasking for a while; simply enjoy the pleasures of each task you do.

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