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Vacation Villas in Orlando Florida - What are They?

What is a villa? Come to Orlando, Florida to find out!

Among the many hotels and accommodations of Orlando, Davenport, and Kissimmee, Florida, there are vacation villas.

What are vacation villas?

? Like a house with two to four rooms, your choice

? With a kitchen, cooking supplies all ready for you to use, and a grocery store a few minutes away

? Fully furnished with a pull-out sofa for that extra family member of friend coming to stay a few days

? With clean bathrooms, some even with a Jacuzzi tub to relax after a long day of sightseeing and touring around the city.

So, now that you know what they are, you want to know what they have to offer. Some will vary in price and others will vary in the luxuries that go along with the villa. Be sure to choose one that will not only best suit your needs, but also be the most practical! The necessary items that will make your vacation one that you will never forget! Make sure you get the following when signing up for one these vacation villas.

? 24-hour security - Keep your family safe and rest assuredly that there are people on duty at all times, night and day. This is an essential when choosing where you will stay at a vacation villa.

? Gated entrance - This not only means the resort is a step above the rest, but it also means that you will be that much safer and that the resort is taking extra efforts to ensure you have a great time.

? Housekeeping service - It's your vacation! You shouldn't be doing the housework and cleaning. Let someone else do it for you and take another worry off your back.

? On-site property management - If you have a problem, a question, or just a need and want to speak to management of the property, they need to be onsite so they can serve you best, not in a different state, or even a few miles away. The better vacation villa resort will have their management there and ready to help you.

? On-site maintenance -- So maintenance or anything you need is not too far away. If something breaks or is not working, if one of the kids accidentally was playing sports in the villa or if you don't understand how something in your villa works, there should be someone that you can call at any hour. Make sure this is a guarantee at your vacation villa resort!

? A large pool -- Sometimes small ones can get so overcrowded with so many families! Make sure there is enough room to have fun and relax too!

? A baby pool -- Your little ones will enjoy this area much more than the large pool, this makes it easier for you to enjoy yourself as well with no fear of them getting in the deep end.

? Hot Tub - You need a place where you can relax and this is just for you! A few moments in the hot tub will allow you to get ready for another day of touristing tomorrow. Make sure there is one at the villa vacation resort where you are staying!

? Tennis courts and volleyball courts -- Just because you are coming to Orlando doesn't mean that you want to be at the attractions every day. Why not take a day to have fun around the villa resort to play sports and relax?

? Sidewalks - Make sure your area is safe! When nighttime falls, and the whether cools off, what better a time to take a walk before settling into bed or trying out the hot tub?

? Cable TV - Sure most of your time will be spent at the attractions or outside enjoying the hot and sunny Florida whether, but for the sport's fans and anyone who just wants to relax indoors, cable is essential. Don't book a villa without it!

? Washer and dryer - Whether it's inside your own villa or if there is a laundry-mat on the vacation villa resort property, either one will suit your needs just fine. Since you probably won't need to do laundry everyday, but most likely at least one or twice, having it close by makes life that much easier.

So, now that you've got down what to look for when searching for a vacation villa in Orlando, you also need to know what your villa needs to be close to! A vacation villa is great on it's own, but not when you are coming to somewhere like Orlando and you want to see and do so many things! Put these following requirements on your checklist and makes sure they are checked before you venture into a villa!

? Close to a grocery store - If you want to save money and not get tired of eating at restaurants every day and night, you can take advantage of the kitchen in your villa! Pick up snacks, drinks, and the ingredients you need for recipes that are easy and fun. And in case you forgot something essential at home (like sunscreen or an umbrella) it's only a few moments away.

? Close to restaurants - Though most of the time you will want to cook yourself, there will be those special nights that a night out at a restaurant sounds pretty good! You don't want to have to drive 30 minutes to get to one, just to find that it is crowded with a 45 minutes wait, though! Make sure that you are near enough is that a special night is not too hard to come by.

? Close to major roads such as highways and interstates - When you opt for a day at the beach, the Kennedy Space Center, or the Florida Everglades, you want to be able to get moving fast! If you are close to the roads that will take you to these places, things will be a lot more convenient and there will be less to worry about!

? Close to the attractions! - The main reason you are looking to coming to Orlando is probably the attractions! So, of course this needs to be on the top of your list. If you're not close to the attractions such as Disney World, Universal and Sea World, then what is the point of having a vacation villa in the first place?

? Tucked away from the tourist traps - Of course you want to be close to everything, but it would be perfect to find a place that is away from the busy streets, bright lights, and loud noise of the tourist strips filled with trinket shops and fast food restaurants. Look for a place that is close to everything, but a few miles off the beaten path so that you feel the relaxation instead of always feeling like a tourist. (Don't worry, such places do exist!!)

These are just a few tips to be mindful of when you are looking for an Orlando vacation villa near Disney World. Make sure to look and expect these accommodations because you deserve nothing less on your family vacation and time away to have fun and relax! If you want both fun and relaxation, an Orlando vacation villa is for you!

Art McCarty
Orlando Florida Lodging Expert


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