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Why are Townhouse Rentals are the Way to Go when Visiting Walt Disney World

The first words that come to mind when people think of Central Florida are usually Disney World, attractions, theme parks, and vacation, or holiday.

Of course, if you are coming to the Orlando area, you want to experience the many things that you have heard about and the many things for which this area is so famous. The parks are a blast, the food is fun, and the Disney characters are waiting with open arms for your family to come and meet them.

But there's just one problem -- where do you stay?

Instead of searching for hours and hours on the Internet, or calling hotel after hotel for the best deals, why not try a townhouse rental?

Townhouse rentals are the way to go when visiting the Central Florida area for any occasion. They are larger than hotel rooms, provide more space for your family, and allow for a more relaxing time instead of one spent cooped up in a one-room hotel having to eat out every night and spending a fortune.

Some the main reasons people choose a town house rental over a hotel room

1. Town house rental has more square footage, giving you and your family a lot more space.

2. Hotel rooms do not a kitchen. Having a place to store drinks, snacks and food is very convenient and cost effective.

3. In a town house rental you can have more than one bathroom, enabling you and your family to get ready at the same time.

4. If you invite friends or family to vacation with you many town house rentals can accommodate everyone, instead of having 3 to 4 hotel rooms.

Townhouse rentals are easy to book online or by one phone call. Not only is it easy, it's cheap too! Discounts, deals, and cheap specials are often advertised and offered.

Don't be fooled by expensive hotels and suites!

Townhouse rentals are for your family and allow you to find other things to do in Central Florida along with the wonderful world of Disney. Enjoy Sea World, Universal, or even the popular miniature golf courses offered all around the city of Orlando.

Many fun filled events and attractions fill the city and are just waiting for you to find them! With a townhouse rental, you will be more relaxed to go out and search Orlando for new sites and adventures.

Davenport area of Orlando is a great place to snag a townhouse

Specifically, the Davenport area of Orlando is a great place to snag a townhouse. There are many townhouses for rent in this location, which is close by to the attractions and heart of Orlando.

The beauty of the townhouses for rent is that they aren't as built up or commercialized as many of the hotel areas in Central Florida. Though you will still be a tourist in these townhouses for rent, you will not be as exposed as others to the jacked-up prices of food and entertainment, or the stressful and crowded hotel lobbies, parking lots, pools, and hallways as others will be when staying in a hotel.

For the low price of these townhouses for rent (which can get even lower with specials and family deals), you are wasting no time or money when you book your reservations for these great places to stay.

Townhouses for rent are also convenient because they are yours to rent. They are yours for a short while and make it feel as though you are at home having a great time, rather than living out of a suitcase in a small room where there is not enough space for your entire family. Though this can be fine for the first few days, be the end of the vacation, no one will be happy

Time and Space

. In order to have some time and space to yourself, book a townhouse for rent! Here, depending on which size you choose from the many choices, the kids can have their own space and you can have yours, still in the same house, but at least not in the same room.

On beautiful property, the beautiful townhouses for rent will provide you and your family a vacation you will never forget. The space will allow everyone to get along better and to enjoy the time you have in Central Florida that much more. With a kitchen on hand and furniture to make it feel like home, the townhouses for rent are waiting for you to enjoy Orlando to the fullest.

Townhouse is great for a number of reasons

A rental townhouse is great for a number of reasons and will make your holiday one to return to year after year.

1. A rent townhouse allows for large groups of people to stay together while having their own space. Have a family reunion? Perfect! Depending on the size of each of your families in your extended group of relatives, one or two families can each rent townhouses. This works well because the rent townhouses will be very close by one another, yet each family can have their own space to go back to at the end of the night.

2. What about cooking for a big group of people? Though each rent townhouse may not be able to sleep everyone in your extended family, it can certainly hold them all for dinner. Pack everyone in, assign everyone a job in the kitchen and get to work making your homemade meal. Not only will you be saving money from eating out at restaurants, it will be that much more fun, entertaining, and the kitchen will allow you to really enjoy one another's company.

3. What about a holiday celebration? Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter are all popular times to visit Disney World and the Central Florida area. Even if you were to make a last minute decision to come to Kissimmee, Florida, a rent townhouse would most likely work for you. Here you would have room to decorate, to invite guests over, and to celebrate the holiday how you and your family always do. You can enjoy the attractions without having to sacrifice the traditions you are used to.

A townhouse versus a hotel room is a fair and smart comparison when looking for lodging in Kissimmee, Davenport, or Orlando, Florida -- all places near Disneyworld and the attractions you will be looking for.

1. There are plenty of cheap hotels in the Orlando area to choose from.

2. Hotel usually have 2 double or queen beds so everyone has a place to sleep.

3. All hotel rooms have a bathroom.

4. Most hotel rooms have a sitting area or a chair.

Townhouses on the other hand give you all the conveniences and luxuries of your own home.

There are more rooms to retreat to after a long day at Walt Disney World and more space to cook and relax in front of a movie or TV. The townhouse will also work if there are more than two couples on a get-away weekend. For parties or family get-togethers that may just involve adults, a townhouse is perfect as well, allowing each couple their own room, but a common living area for everyone.

Orlando is a place where people come from all over the world to see and do all that they can, all that they have heard about, and all that they have researched.

It is important when you come that you give yourself enough time to relax and enjoy yourself instead of rushing all the time to make sure everything gets done. Many times the kids love the time in the pool and the spa as much as they love their time at the attractions.

Use your Time Wisely

To make sure your time is used wisely, don't settle for a hotel room where you will be crammed together, wanting to leave it the moment you arrive. Treat yourself to a townhouse or condo that is equal in price to the cost of the hotel rooms, but much better in quality and experience. Come and visit in Orlando the townhouse rental way! It's the only way to have the best time.

Art McCarty
Orlando florida lodging expert


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