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Rent a Town Home in Orlando, Florida for LESS than Hotel

When you venture to Orlando, Davenport, or Kissimmee, Florida, why mess with crowded hotels, dirty rooms, and tons of tourists? You are coming to see the theme parks of Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World, not to compete with the many other people who will be visiting the Central Florida area as well. That' why you need to look into booking a reservation for home town suites! Not only are they comfortable and easy to live in, they are low cost and a luxury to come back to!

Why you should rent them:

1. Home town suites are roomy - Think about stuffing yourself and your kids and your spouse in one or two rooms at a hotel. No fun. Not only is this not practical when it comes to prices because it ends up costing you so much money to rent multiple rooms, but it isn't practical for your sanity! You need a break from everyone now and then and the room in a town home suite will do just the trick.

2. Home town suites are perfect for holidays - When you want to visit the Orlando area and the theme parks and attractions with your entire family or even friends, it is so convenient to rent town home suites. This is a great deal because you get to be right near each other in the suite resort, but everyone also gets their own space and places to relax in luxury.

3. Home town suites are close to everything - You want to be close to all the theme parks and attractions, but don't want to be in the midst of tourist mayhem, so a town home suite in Kissimmee, Davenport, or Orlando, Florida is perfect for you and your family! You get the relaxation of being in a home-away-from-home, but the convenience of being a few miles from everything you want to see in the Central Florida area.

What they have to offer:

1. Town home suites offer discounts - Not only will you be getting more for your buck, but you won't be spending much more than you would be for hotel rooms! Many times you can find the best price for town home suites for less then hotel rooms because of all the discounts, deals, specials, and cheap prices! Don't hesitate to call last minute, either. Though they can't promise anything in the busy season of the summer, they still might have suites left to rent for a few weeks and may even offer you a discount on it. More than anything, as k for the lowest price they offer and they should give it to you!

2. Town home suites offer activities - If you don't want to spend every day at the theme parks and attractions, feel free to stay where you are lodging! This will only be enjoyable, however, if your accommodations offer activities and facilities that town home suites resorts do. They offer their own attractions such as a pool, a kiddie pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, a game room, a work out room, locker rooms, and separate showers, beautiful landscaping, security 24 hours, and friendly check-in service. What more could you want in the Kissimmee, Orlando, or Davenport, Florida areas?

3. Town home suites offer relaxation - After a long and wonderful day at the Walt Disneyworld theme parks, you will be exhausted and ready to relax. Instead of feeling cramped in a small bed and small hotel room, with a town home suite, you will be able to lounge in the living room on a sofa, take a bath or luxury, let the kids watch a movie, or start to cook dinner in the kitchen. This way, you don't feel overwhelmed of having to entertain your kids at all times and have enough room to relax yourself.

Why they are safe:

1. Home town rentals are safe because of gated security - In most hotels, you don't get a gated community feel, where cars are checked before they enter and stickers are given to people with reservations at the resort. With home town suites and home town rentals, just like most time share resorts, this is another feature that is offered.

2. Home town rentals are safe because of 24-hour security guards - A gate is not enough to ensure your safety in your home town rental resort. You will be lodging with accommodations that are looking out for your best interest with security guards attentive and around at all hours of the night and day. This aspect of the home town rental resort should make you feel better about your family's safety and security. Deals such as this are what make these resorts stand out from the others located in the Kissimmee, Davenport, and Orlando, Florida areas.

3. Home town rentals are safe because of maintenance help - If something happens in or around your home town rental that has to do with the electricity, water, or plumbing, you will need someone there right away. Your home town rental resort provides this security service to you as well. This assurance that there is someone there to fix a leaky toilet, damaged window, or broken stove will make your family vacation to the Orlando area that much better.

Why they are fun:

1. Town home rentals create family bonding - If you get too much of each other, then the family vacation with the kids always at your feet will be exhausting and not relaxing. But everyone has their own space and time to spend by themselves, the vacation takes on a new feel. Town home rentals not only allow for this extra space, they allow for the time after the space and time alone is taken. A living room waits with a sofa and chairs and a TV to enjoy a special TV show or a rented movie. The kitchen is included so meals can be cooked together and special dinners and desserts can be made chosen by different members of the family. There are a number of rooms so that the kids can have fun being in a room by themselves, but are close enough to mom and dad so they don't feel scared. Town home rentals are intimate, yet spacious for your kids and family.

2. Town home rentals give you a break - Sure, the main reason you are coming to the Central Florida area is to visit Walt Disney World. But one or two days in between the theme parks and attractions are nice times to take a break and just relax. Town home rental resorts allow this to be done easily. Though they are near the theme parks and close to all the tourist attractions, you also feel removed by the landscape and resort feel. The pool is available for the kids, chairs are available for the adults, and sports are available for teenagers.

3. Town home rentals let you live in another house - It's not as much fun to only take over a hotel room as it is to take over an entire house for a week. The kids will love setting up their temporary room or rooms and being able to completely unpack will make things less stressful for everyone. You feel as though this really is your little house and might even want to claim it for next year when you come back to the Orlando area to visit again.
Art McCarty
Orlando florida lodging expert


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