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Come to Orlando and Vacation Like You Never Have Before in a Town Home!

Of course you are anxious to take a vacation this year, to enjoy time with your spouse and kids and to have a great time away from work and the daily grind. So why not come to Orlando, Florida where you can relax and enjoy time away from home while having a great time at theme parks such as Walt Disney World and attractions such as Universal Studios and Sea World?

The best way to do this, of course, is to first find a great accommodation to stay. Booking lodging accommodations at resorts, through time shares or even at hotels can be difficult and pricey. The following is what you need when you come to the Orlando, Kissimmee, or Davenport areas for vacation.

A townhome rental

? It's a home away from home in a real townhome where you can put your feet up and not have to worry about the following pesky vacation peeves:

a. No personal space - you won't be jam-packed into one hotel room with only one bathroom for your whole family.

b. No kitchen - with only a small refrigerator in a hotel room, a townhome provides an entire kitchen and is a much better fit for a family or even couple who wants to not only save money on food, but also not feel forced to eat out every night.

c. No sitting area - a hotel room provides a few beds and maybe a chair to sit on to relax after a long day at the attractions, a townhome provides a whole room of furniture.

d. No guests close by - in a hotel they share a wall with you, in a townhome there are simply your neighbors, the difference is quite nice.

e. Living out of a suitcase - in a townhome you will have the space and ability to actually unpack and not have to live out of a suitcase for the entire time you are in vacation in the Central Florida area.

f. Whiny kids - even though we can't really promise this one, you will have less of a chance of whiny kids because they will have their own space in your townhome rental. They can be sent to play in their own room or take a nap without the disturbance of others in the same room.

A condo townhome

? Virtually the same thing as a townhome rental, a condo townhome works as a condo instead of a rental where you can either own it or rent it for yourself and your family. Both are available for vacation rentals and usually condos are available for purchase if you decide you love the Orlando, Kissimmee, and Davenport areas so much that you must move here to enjoy it year-round.

? Now that you know the pet peeves that you will not have to worry about when you are booking your lodging at a townhome rental or condo townhome, you need to know what you will get out of booking reservations for ones of these homes away from home. Here are some luxury tips that will make your holiday in Orlando that much better and all come with booking a townhome rental or condo townhome.

a. More freedom - with all that the townhome resorts offer, there are plenty of things for you and the kids to do if you want to skip out on the attractions of Walt Disneyworld, Universal Studios, or Sea World one day. Sports facilities, pools, kids games, and more await you at the townhome resorts.

b. More luxury - you can sit by the pool or spa, drink a cool sip from a refreshing drink from the pool bar, and relax as the kids play in the kiddie pool or the adult pool in front of you. You can relax in your own space in your condo townhouse and not worry about everyone getting on each other's nerves. You have your own house to yourself and not just a room! You can spread out, make yourself at home, and enjoy a home like yours except located in the Orlando area.

c. More excitement - It's always fun to spend a week or two in a new place and find out all that it has to offer, why not let it be a place that has more rooms to explore and be able to experience your vacation in?

d. More relaxation - When you arrive home for the day at the attractions such as Walt Disney World, you will be tired. Not only are condo townhouses located near Disney, they are close enough to get home quickly and enjoy the rest of your night relaxing with your family.

e. More for your buck - Not only do they have more space, a better location, better security, and nicer facilities condo townhomes are also cheap! To rent for your holiday or to actually buy, the prices are great and affordable and usually around the same amount of money that you would end up spending on hotel rooms for the family. There are also discounts to be found and last minute deals to make with sales agents and representatives.

Townhome search:

? Internet - look on the Internet for townhome resorts and accommodations that will suit your needs. Its easy, it's cheap and most of the time you will find the specials, best deals, lowest prices and best prices on the Internet. Check it out here first and then give the resort a call.

? Phone call - Get your phone book out or don't be afraid to call 411 and check out all the condo townhome and townhome rental places that you can find. Give them a call and name the price that you are willing to spend. They just might match it and then you will be coming to the Orlando, Davenport, or Kissimmee, Florida area!

? Florida guidebook - You can find one these in any bookstore near you! Open it up and see what it says about lodging accommodations. Get your booking information and ideas here and makes sure you look up townhome rentals and condo townhomes to get the best and most for your money.

? Word of mouth - ask your friends where they have stayed when they have visited the sunshine state of Florida. Ask them about townhouse rentals, if they have heard about them, and if their stay in Orlando was a good one or not. Whether they have stayed in them or not, their response to your questions should give you a clue of the importance of finding great, quality lodging when you are in Orlando visiting.

Find a townhome that will suite your needs by following these guidelines. Many people do not even know that townhome rentals and condo townhomes exist in the Kissimmee, Orlando, or Davenport, Florida areas and are surprised when they find out that they don't have to act or live like a tourist while in Orlando to actually be one! Steer clear of the touristy shops, the loud sounds, and the busy crowds of the tourist areas of Orlando and Kissimmee and Davenport. If you find a townhouse rental or condo townhouse then you will skip all of this and enjoy your vacation and holiday all the more. Find a townhouse today!

Art McCarty
Orlando Florida Lodging Expert


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