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A Fabulous Guide to Floridas Best Rentals: Condos for Rent, Rental Houses, and Rental Condos

A Fabulous Guide to Florida's Best Rentals: Condos for rent, rental houses, rental condos and townhouse rentals - how to make sense of the overwhelming mass of fabulous and not so fabulous real estate to spend your Florida Vacation in!!

Chances are, at least once in your life time, you will find yourself finding out everything there is to know about renting a place to stay while on vacation in Central Florida. It could be that the kids want to see all of the wealth of attractions and theme parks in and around Walt Disney World. Maybe your family wants to loll about in a hammock while you play some golf near Orlando, or take in some of the many dinner shows and museums. Perhaps the siren call of Florida's balmy winter climate may be your idea of a great way to take your family away from the frigid northern snow, ice and lack of sunshine. Better yet, maybe your folks have asked you to come down and enjoy a holiday or two with them, but you prefer to have a modicum of privacy and some elbow room while your kids stroll through the theme parks with their Grandparents.

Whatever your reason or reasons for paying a visit to the Central Florida area are, you will no doubt begin to wonder where on earth you will find a suitable, low cost, attractive, rental condo or how you can find out how much to pay for the condos rent. And the questions don't stop there. What type of rental house would be close to Disney yet far away from the noise of the city? What type of townhouse rentals would be a suitable environment for the kids, yet offer enough luxury amenities to pamper the older members of your family and their fine acquired tastes? This guide won't contain any hints on what to wear to the theme parks, or how to get crazy old Aunt Bertha to stop asking how to get a good supply of unicorn chow. This is more of a no nonsense, straight forward guide to doing the best vacation near all of the attractions (Including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, The Winter Haven spring baseball camps for professional baseball players, and so forth).

To start with, you will need to scour the web for the best price. Then you can begin your search in earnest after excluding some accommodations that leave little to be desired in terms of lodging features or even safe and attractive townhouse rentals. Could your family be happy in a rental house, or would your family prefer to have their down time spent in a resort near Walt Disney World featuring the safest, lowest price rental condos? Are you traveling with a large group of adults who would prefer to split the condos rent while giving the Orlando area's bars and nightspots a try? The Orlando area is a vast, sprawling region, flavored by its surrounding town in many distinct ways. The cracker settlers who came in the early days of Florida's history were quick to discover cheap lodging in the Old Town Kissimmee Florida area, and that legacy remains to this day. The area near Disney offers many cheap lodging in several cities and counties. While there are several high dollar advertising campaigns designed to lure travelers to the area around Disney's borders, the lion's share of tawdry and lowest price condo for rent belongs to the Kissimmee area, near Disney=s back entrance .No one wants to stay overnight in rental condos that are surrounded by gaudy tourist traps and three for ten dollar tee shirt shops, or worse yet stay in the midst of a poorly designed low cost accommodation that offers no amenities and poor service. Hardly the dream vacation or worse yet, honeymoon of your dreams, right?

When you choose your ideal rental condos, your location should be the first factor in your quest for booking a low cost townhouse rental reservation or rental house reservation and scoring the perfect blend of luxury, best price and proximity to the attractions that you want to visit. Ask a few pointed questions to the person answering the lodging's phone lines: What type of rental condos do you offer, and how many bedrooms are actually separated by walls from each other? Does the resort offer any last minute specials or deals for those who are traveling from places near the central Florida area? Sometimes you can get a discount or gain a cheap reservation for simply belonging to an automobile club or having a military identification card? Orlando condos should always come with the following lodging details: central air conditioning, central plumbing and hot water, linens of a decent thread count, a certain lack of wandering nearby marsupials, a clean appearance, recent construction or the addition of new modern renovations to the lodging, family amenities such as a kid's playground or a pool, and some kitchen amenities such as a working refrigerator', a good microwave and some place to store your family's spare clothing while you explore the central Florida area.

If your family or traveling party will be staying in a rental house and needs to have some room to wander, you may want to consider what type of neighborhood that you will need to book a reservation in. The area close to the route 27 and route 192 are seems to span the best of all worlds, offering low cost reservations and spacious accommodations in beautiful, usually new or renovated rental condos, rental houses, and rental townhouses. The presence of the nightly Disney fireworks in the evening skies in the Davenport area is stunning, and yet the Davenport Florida resembles the quiet May berry type of town that all of us long to bring back to life for our modern families. Close enough to be a neighbor to Walt Disney World and house many of its cast members, the Davenport Florida area seems to have escaped the rush to build monuments of gaudiness and preserved its small town feel, all while offering the traveling family a short drive to all of Florida's attractions, theme parks, dining and shopping areas. The best of all places to choose a rental house or a rental condo, Davenport features many inroads to all of the best of central Florida, and the Orlando area. The rental condos and rental condos (or rental houses)in this area near Disney and yet close to Universal and a short drive to Busch Gardens in Tampa, yet they lie a short drive away from the wealth of attractions and theme parks of the International Drive area. Luxury shopping and dining choices await those who wish to travel the I4 highway near Davenport Florida, including the Florida Mall (featuring the best in shopping with such fabulous stores as Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and diverse selections such as Tommy Bahama and Sephora) and the mall of Millennia, near downtown Orlando (offering such splendid choices as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, Z Gallery, Coach, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton and Godiva chocolates, to name a few). The vast region of central Florida is a patchwork of several choices for the family who wishes to find a great price on their condos rent, or get the best neighborhood for their vacation townhouse rental.

Art McCarty
Orlando Florida Lodging Expert
Orlando, Florida


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