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Heres How: How To Get The Perfect Florida Condominium Rental

The typical scenario goes something like this: your casual mention at the water cooler of your family=s desire to find a suitable condominium townhouse in or near Orlando- suddenly everyone that you work with has become an expert in real estate, or suddenly possesses a time share that they would like to get rid of-er, share with you. Then your extended family comes up with advice and suggestions to call your long lost third cousin to inquire about the condo that he owns that is so extremely darn close to Disney World (except that your well meaning family member neglects to mention that the cousin=s condominium is located near the California Disney theme park, sigh).

So here goes- you are left to your own resources (and aren=t you rather thankful for that?) To begin the search for your perfect condominium for rent near the theme parks, close to your favorite attractions, cheap enough to be affordable and leave the family with plenty of spending money yet not in a neighborhood near the bad parts of town, or worse yet- the tawdry tourist laden discount tee shirt shop filled International Drive. Your search isn=t that difficult if you learn a few basic rules for finding the best price, best location and best accommodations for your traveling party.

Rule number one- Moving away from the mouse house without staying in Zimbabwe.

The effort of driving from one theme park to another isn=t exactly easy for some folks, or impossible for those with disabilities. For these travelers, Walt Disney World has established a bus system within it=s borders to ferry guests back and forth between their luxury accommodations and it=s myriad attractions. The only hitch to this arrangement is that you don=t have a means to venture beyond the shadow of the mouse, and who comes to Florida just to see only one attraction? The alternatives to staying within the Walt Disney World resort complex are mind boggling in number, and yet many folks are too worried about driving in and around Orlando to begin their search for an affordable condominium for rent outside of the kingdom=s borders. Why not be able to have some wonderful experiences outside of the theme park=s gates? Wouldn=t it be nicer to be able to call the shots on when you arrive at the attractions (or which theme parks you will visit)? A Florida condominium rental located outside of the Disney area affords you many opportunities to save money, eat the healthy foods that you enjoy at home and prepare them just the way you like them, pack less clothing and be hobbled with less luggage (by seeking out a condo for rent with amenities such as laundry facilities).

Rule number two: save a lot, spend a little, be happier!!

The idea of a condominium townhouse makes sense for almost all families and their budgets. In the case of a very young family with limited resources, eating breakfast before taking the kids to the theme parks will save on the expense of the dreaded Acharacter meals@, in which the kids will blearily eye their Hollandaise sauce ala Mickey and instantly cry hysterically at the sight of a larger than life Donald Duck. For senior citizens traveling to Florida in search of a new retirement community to live in for either part of the year or for the rest of their days, the idea of Florida vacation rentals is a Godsend. Countless real estate transactions are made every day in Central Florida in which jubilant retirees had put vast amounts of savings into having a new house built, or establishing a residence in a retirement centered village with mobile homes...and then the reality hits. The retired couple had begun their quest for a new life in the warmth of Florida earnestly enough, but they didn=t count on the chilly reception from their neighbors, or something like that. The couple winds up selling their retirement home, and begin their search for the perfect place anew. It might be a good time at that point for them to take a break from the real estate investment market and wait for the perfect residence to come into focus. But doing this doesn=t have to mean taking up squatter=s rights on your nephew=s futon, or living in an apartment near downtown Orlando. The solution to this dilemma is as easy as this: take a moment to assess your needs, likes and dislikes, and find a Florida condominium guide that will show you several types of rental properties, condominium townhouses and such. Then while you rest easy and partake in your condo=s amenities, you can meet with several real estate professionals, consult with condo association managers, and find furnishings that will fit easily into your new Florida retirement lifestyle. Not having to sell your initial Amistake@ property while you search for your dream residence is a great beginning to your life in the sunshine state.

Rule number three: the best place is one in which you are right at home being away from home!

The right balance within your accommodations is essential: no one wants to spend all of their hard earned vacation budget on luxury lodging and not be able to afford a nice meal out on the town. Not that paying the rock bottom price for your Florida condominium rental is always the best answer, without looking into the reason why you are receiving such a cheap discount. Certainly, specials and last minute deals do exist in the central Florida condominium townhouse market, but it is up to the savvy shopper to ask the following questions (and any more that your family will deem quite important):

A) What is the exact square footage of the condominium unit that I am looking to rent? How many beds are in this unit, and what sizes are they? Be on the lookout for the sleeper sofa horror story type lodging- if they only offer the style of condo that has a pull out couch in lieu of a regular mattress and box spring type bed, then make like Nancy Sinatra - get your boots on and walk away.

B) What type of neighborhood am I going to be staying in? You and your family want your stay to be filled with pleasant memories and short trips, right? Then consider where your Florida condominium rental is situated. Does your family want to take in several theme parks, including Busch Gardens in Tampa? Then needless to say, making your reservations for the area close to Kissimmee and Disney might out you out of reach for some of your kid=s desired destinations. Many vacation Condos are right near all of the restaurants and shops of U.S. Highway 192, and the visiting baseball team=s winter playground of Winter Haven Florida, and they are all within the area of Davenport, Florida. Davenport can be a quick commute to Disney (ask the countless Disney employees who make this area their home) and yet it=s a quick hop down I-4 to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Renting a condominium in the Davenport area may mean the difference between taking control of your vacation, or having the vacation take control of your time and budget. It=s a pretty easy decision after all, isn=t it?

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