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Once you make up your mind to on a vacation, the place to go, accommodation, your budget for these and other outlays are the significant questions that race up and down your mind. Just like there are numerous options to spend your holidays, there are several means to accommodation. To stay in a hotel and spend large amount of money is perhaps not everyone's choice and capability. Many people prefer rental property to hotel and camp lodging.

1. There are a few advantages of staying in a rental property for vacations to putting up in camps and hotels. The first benefit can be the amount of liberty or freedom that one gets. Imagine the difference of staying in hotel room that is surrounded by other such rooms and spending your holidays in an isolated peaceful villa or a bungalow taken on rent. There is more serenity and comfort in the latter than in the former.

2. There are no check-in and check-out issues.

3. No hurly burly of waiters, hotel staff and other people staying in the hotel.

4. Complete liberty to do anything. For instance you can play loud music, roam around in beachwear and can do all sorts of frantic things in your rented apartments.

5. You can cook on your own and enjoy. It gives you the feel of being at home.

If you find vacationing in a rental property more comfortable than hotel rooms, give no second thought to your choice. But there are quite a few things that you have to keep in mind or focus in this case-

1. Make up your budget. This will not only aid you in the choice of holiday destination and lodging but it will be of great help throughout your trip.

2. After the planning of budget and the choice of place to go, think about the number of people you are. If you are more than ten, a villa on the beachside will be a perfect choice. You can hire it conveniently by contributing money. But if you are a small family, wonderful apartments and cottages in beautiful places like Bahamas, Aruba and the like are always a nice idea.

3. The search for rental accommodation can be made on the Internet. Just type the name of the place and rental villa or apartment or just write the key words "vacation" and "rental". You can even take the help of the travel agency if that is planning your trip. Travel magazines can also facilitate you with good information and some crucial website addresses in this context.

4. Be very specific and clear about what you want. You should know if you want a two or three bedroom set, attached or individual toilets, a garden, pool, basketball court etc. in front for your kids to have a gala time, a parking to ensure the safety of your car and so on. If you have a pet and you wish to take him along, choose the lodging where this is not prohibited. It is better if you list down all your needs on a paper to avoid difficulties later during your vacation.

5. The agreement is another very important thing. You should appoint an attorney to verify the documents. The date, time, amount etc. everything should be in place. Pay lot of heed to he task of agreement for it is too essential to be overlooked.

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