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The Natural Beauty of Havasu Falls

Three major cascades at Havasu Creek create a landscape that is both beautiful and entertaining. At the base of these falls, one of which is Havasu Falls, is a travertine pool filled with cold turquoise water. In fact, the names of the falls, the nearby lake, and even the city all come from the water's beautiful color. ("Ha" means water, while "vasu" stands for blue-green).

Located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation in Grand Canyon National Park, Havasu Falls stand 120 feet high. The falls claims one of America's most beautiful campgrounds and backpacking area. For example, beneath the falls lies billowing cottonwoods under 400-foot rock walks which, along with the falling water, creates a striking lullaby for campers.

Although beautiful, getting to Havasu Falls can be quite an adventure. The most popular route begins in Seligman, where drivers can take I-40 to exit 123. After exiting, visitors should drive 33 miles west on Highway 66 to Indian Road 18. At this point, drivers should turn right and drive about 60 miles to a parking lot at Hualapai Hilltop at the end of the road. Alternatively, drivers can access Indian Road 18 via Kingman by driving 50 miles east on Highway 66, which is approximately 6 miles past Peach Springs.

A visit to the falls entails more than just a long drive, however. Once visitors are a Hualapai Hilltop, the journey really begins. Visitors must endure a 10-mile hike from the hilltop to the falls. While the first 1.5 miles is a steep decent down to the bottom of Hualapai Canyon (a trek that you must make back up on your way home), the rest of the hike is mostly flat. Tourists will hike 6.5 more miles to the Hualapai village, followed by 2 more miles to the campground.

Although a trip to the falls includes hours of driving and even more hours of hiking, most would agree that the pristine setting is worth it.

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