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Vacation Rentals on Hilton Head Island

Each year, over two million people find their way to Hilton Head Island to find a relaxing vacation spot in the sun. The largest island off the coast of Georgia has been developed as a tourist's paradise, carefully zoned, environmentally sensitive, and always with a sense of appreciation for the history and natural bounty of this unique place.

It is always the right time to explore the many options available as Hilton Head vacation rentals. The savvy tourist has the opportunity to find the exact rental property on the island, to ensure the perfect vacation. First, the vacationer needs to decide how to spend his time on the island. The different resort plantations, vestiges of the old sugar and indigo plantations, have been rebuilt as self-contained resort areas. Ocean properties are also available. Many Hilton Head natives, who may live in the interior villages of the island, rent out their homes during part of the year. Other properties are available as part of a golf or tennis vacation. Nature lovers may want to stay close to the hiking trails along the protected marshes or near the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, home to native wildlife.

There are many types of Hilton Head vacation rentals, including the residential plantations, hotels, condos, villas, and even houses. A place to stay can be as little as $70 a night for a modest motel to over $4,000 a week for a four-bedroom luxury home. Many of these rentals are privately owned but may be listed with specialty agents.

Vacation rentals are available all year round in Hilton Head. Rental reductions of 30% or more are often found in the off-season for those who are not limited to vacationing during the short summer months. Also, many discounted packages can be found if a visitor is willing to gamble on finding a last-minute accommodation. A full listing of rental accommodations is available from the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce.

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